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Past recipients of RANZCP awards, grants and fellowships are honoured on this page.

RANZCP awards

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RANZCP awards

The College Medal of Honour

The College Medal of Honour was established in 1987, and is the RANZCP's most prestigious award. It is presented for distinguished and meritorious service to the College.

.More information about the College Medal of Honour 

2021 Dr Maria Tomasic (SA)
2020 Prof. Bruce Singh AM (VIC)
2019 Prof. Brian Draper (NSW)
2017 Prof. Ernest Hunter (QLD)
2016 Prof. Philip Boyce (NSW)
2015 Prof. Basil James (QLD)
2013 Dr John Buchanan (VIC)
2012 Dr Ian Holland Martin (VIC)
2010 Prof. Graham Burrows (VIC)
2009 Dr Johanna Lammersma (SA)
2008 Prof. Beverley Raphael (NSW)

2007 Prof. Peter Ellis (NZ)
2006 Dr Eric Ratcliff (TAS)
2004 Prof. Graeme Smith (VIC)
2001 Dr Noel Wilton (NSW)
2000 Prof. Edmond Chiu (VIC)
1999 A/Prof. Joan Lawrence (QLD)
1992 Dr John Ellard (NSW)
1991 Dr John D Russell (NSW)
1990 Dr Bruce H Peterson (NSW)
1988 Dr Russell A Pargiter (TAS)

The College Citation

The College Citation was established in 1986, to honour special service to the RANZCP or psychiatry.

.More information about the College Citation

2021 Dr Jimsie Cutbush (QLD), Prof. J. Richard Newton (VIC)
2020 A/Prof. Josephine Beatson (VIC), A/Prof. Ruth Vine (VIC)
2019 Dr Peggy Brown (QLD), Prof. Bruce Tonge (VIC)
2018 Dr Peter McGeorge (NZ), Prof. Barry Nurcombe (QLD), Prof. Janice Russell (NSW)
2017 Prof. David Ames (VIC), Prof. Bruce Singh (VIC)
2016 Prof. Bryanne Barnett AM (NSW)
2015 Prof. The Honourable Dame Marie Bashir, AD CVO (NSW), Prof. Graham Martin OAM (QLD), Prof. Gurjhinder Malhi (NSW)
2014 Prof. Russell Meares (NSW), Prof. William Emmerson (QLD)
2013 Prof. Philip Mitchell (NSW)
2012 Prof. Daniel O'Connor (VIC), The Honourable Justice William Carter QC (QLD)
2011 Prof. Graham Mellsop (NZ), Dr John Penman (WA)
2010 Prof. Helen Herrman (VIC)
2009 Prof. Garry Walter AM (NSW), Dr Harry Derham (VIC)
2008 Dr John Tooth OAM (TAS), Prof. Kay Wilhelm AM (NSW), Prof. Alexander Henderson (ACT), Dr Yvonne White (NSW)
2007 Dr Martin Nothling (QLD), Dr James Rodney (QLD)
2006 Dr Richard Astill (QLD), Ms Pamela Allen (NSW), Dr Ben Steinberg (QLD)
2005 Prof. Sidney Bloch (VIC)
2004 A/Prof. Donald Grant (QLD), Dr Isla Lonie (NSW), Mr Jim Crowe (NZ)
2003 Mrs Pat Delaney (NSW)
2002 A/Prof. John Snowdon (NSW)
2001 Dr Robert Broadbent (VIC), Dr John Slaughter (QLD)
2000 Dr Gavin Andrews (NSW)
1997 Ms Margaret Ettridge (VIC)
1996 Dr John Pougher (WA)
1994 Dr Thakshan Fernando (NZ), Dr Karen Zelas (NZ)
1992 Dr Henry Bennett (NZ), A/Prof. Anne Hall (NZ)
1991 Dr Jim Methven (NZ), Mr Denny Cowell (QLD)
1990 Dr John Dobson (NZ)
1989 Dr Basil Cameron (NSW)

The Ian Simpson Award

The Ian Simpson Award was established in 1976 to honour Dr Ian Simpson (SA). It acknowledges the most outstanding contributions to clinical psychiatry through service to patients and the community.

.More information about the Ian Simpson Award

2021 Prof. John Tiller (VIC)
2020 Dr Douglas Bell (VIC)
2019 Dr James Telfer (NSW)
2018 Prof. Dennis Velakoulis (VIC)
2017 Prof. Paul Mullen (VIC)
2016 Dr Matthew Eggleston (NZ)
2015 Prof. David Castle (VIC)
2014 Dr Sid Williams (NSW)
2013 Dr Peter Morse (NSW)
2012 Dr Frances Dark (QLD)
2011 Prof. George Mendelson (VIC)
2010 Dr Cristea Mileshkin (VIC)
2009 Dr Jeffrey Snars (NSW)
2004 Dr John Lloyd (VIC)
1995 Dr Patrick McGorry (NSW)
1994 Dr Alan Rosen (WA)
1992 Prof. Derrick Silove (NSW)
1988 Dr Henry Brodaty (NSW)

The Maddison Medallion

The Maddison Medallion, named in honour of Professor David Maddison, was established in 1968 to recognise and encourage excellence in the study of psychiatry.

.More information about the Maddison Medallion 

2021 Dr Tomas MacPhail (VIC)
2020 Dr Claire Keating (NSW)
2019 Dr Rebecca Graham (TAS), Dr Claire Wise (VIC)
2018 Dr Zoe Hawkins (VIC), Dr Gabrielle Matta (QLD)
2017 Dr Steven Moylan (VIC)
2016 Dr Gabrielle Hart (VIC)
2015 Dr Rebecca Wood (NSW)
2014 Dr Jane Cass-Verco (NSW)
2013 Dr Matthew Macfarlane (NSW)
2012 Dr Kelly McKenna-Kerr (WA)
2011 Dr Sara Burton (QLD)
2010 Dr Sumitra Shankar (NSW)
2009 Dr Dawn Barker (WA)
2008 Dr Lucinda Smith (VIC)
2007 Dr Sally Matheson (QLD)
2006 Dr Melissa Barrett (NSW)
2005 Dr Ben Wells (SA)
2004 Dr Taraneh Khoo (QLD)
2003 Dr Melissa Greve (VIC)
2002 Dr Debra Wood (VIC), Dr Hang Tran (SA)
2001 Dr Ralf Ilchef (NSW)
2000 Dr Verity Humberstone (NZ)
1999 Dr Adrian Keller (NSW)
1998 Dr Nadine Caunt (WA)
1997 Dr Simon Stafrace (VIC)

1996 Dr Elizabeth Scott (NSW)
1994 Dr Mary-Ann Germain (NSW)
1993 Dr Anne Loughlin (SA)
1992 Dr Patricia Jungfer (NSW), Dr Christine Jackson (VIC)
1990 Dr Peggy Brown (QLD)
1989 Dr Murray Wright (NSW)
1988 Dr Ian Hickie (NSW)
1987 Dr Deborah Blood (SA)
1986 Dr Steven McLean (SA)
1985 Dr Bruce Westmore (QLD)
1984 Dr John Condon (SA)
1983 Dr Peter Burnett (SA)
1980 Dr Darryl Bassett (SA)
1979 Dr Robert Barrett (SA)
1978 Dr Eleanor Sebel (NSW)
1977 Dr Henry Brodaty (NSW)
1976 Dr Brian Stagoll (VIC)
1975 Dr June Donsworth (SA)
1974 Dr Gerald Oppenheim (NSW)
1973 Dr Jonathan Phillips (NSW)
1972 Dr Peter Morse (NSW)
1971 Dr Ross Kalucy (NSW)
1970 Dr Michael Serry, Dr David Serry

The Margaret Tobin Award

The Margaret Tobin Award was established in 2003, as a tribute to the memory of Dr Margaret Tobin. It honours special achievement in administrative psychiatry.

.More information about the Margaret Tobin Award

2021 Dr Aaron Groves (TAS)    
2020 Prof. Tarun Bastiampillai (SA)    
2019 Dr Elizabeth Moore (ACT)    
2018 Dr Kathryn Turner (QLD)    
2017 Prof. David Crompton (QLD)    
2016 A/Prof. Simon Stafrace (VIC)    
2015 A/Prof. John Allan (QLD)    
2014 Dr Nicholas O’Connor (NSW)    
2013 Dr Peggy Brown (ACT)    
2011 Dr David Chaplow (NZ)
2010 A/Prof. Beth Kotzé (NSW)
2009 A/Prof. John Richard Newton (VIC)
2008 Dr Ruth Vine (VIC)
2007 Dr Brett Emmerson (QLD)
2006 Dr Wayne Miles (NZ)
2005 Prof. Ian Hickie (NSW)
2004 A/Prof. Peter Doherty (VIC)

The Mark Sheldon Prize

The Mark Sheldon Prize was established in 2000 by the family, friends and colleagues of the late Dr Mark Sheldon. It recognises noteworthy contributions to Indigenous mental health in either Australia or New Zealand.

.More information about the Mark Sheldon Prize

2021 Dr Allister Bush and Mr Wiremu NiaNia (NZ)
2020 Dr Donna-Mareé Meteria Clarke Coleman (NZ), Dr Bruce Gynther (NSW)
2019 A/Prof. Edward Heffernan (QLD)
2018 Prof. Hinemoa Elder (NZ)
2017 Ms Phyllis Tangitu (NZ)
2016 Ms Moe Milne (NZ)
2015 Dr Geraldine Dyer (QLD)
2014 Dr Rees Tapsell (NZ)
2013 Dr Erihana Ryan (VIC)
2012 Dr Michael Duke (VIC)
2011 Dr Jason Lee (QLD)
2010 Mr Arama Pirika (NZ)
2009 Mr Andy Tjilari and Mr Rupert Peters (SA)
2008 Prof. Mason Durie (NZ)
2007 Dr Robert Parker (NT)
2006 Dr David Cutts (NT)
2005 Mrs Pat Delaney
2004 Prof. Ernest Hunter (QLD)
2003 Dr Neil Phillips (NSW)
2002 Dr Ann Harrison (ACT)
2001 Dr Helen Milroy (WA)

The Pirika Taonga

First awarded in 2021, the Pirika Taonga is in memory of Poiti Arama-karaka Pirika who was the RANZCP’s Kaumātua (Elder) from 2008 to 2017. It recognises noteworthy contributions in Māori mental health and addiction in Aotearoa New Zealand.

.More information about the Pirika Taonga 

2021 Dr Mark Lawrence (NZ)

The RANZCP Senior Research Award

The RANZCP Senior Research Award is made annually to the Fellow or Affiliate who has made the most significant contribution to psychiatric research in Australia and New Zealand over the preceding five years. 

.More information about the RANZCP Senior Research Award 

2021 Prof. Michael Berk (VIC)
2020 Prof. Phillipa Hay (NSW)
2019 Prof. Julian Trollor (NSW)
2018 A/Prof. James Scott (QLD)
2017 Prof. Michael Breakspear (QLD)
2016 Prof. Daniel Lubman (VIC)
2015 Prof. Stephen Kisely (QLD)
2014 Prof. Osvalso P De Almeida (WA)
2013 Prof. Gurjhinder Malhi (NSW)
2012 Prof. Michael Berk (VIC), Prof. Gerard Byrne (QLD)
2011 Prof. David Castle (VIC)
2010 Prof. Bryan Mowry (QLD), Prof. Ashley Bush (VIC)
2009 Prof. George Patton (VIC)
2008 Prof. Alexander McFarlane (SA)
2007 Prof. Roger Mulder (NZ)
2006 Prof. David Copolov (VIC)
2005 Prof. John McGrath (QLD)
2004 Prof. Peter Joyce (NZ)
2003 Prof. Henry Brodaty (NSW)
2002 Prof. Philip Mitchell (NSW)
2001 Prof. Paul Mullen (VIC)

2000 Prof. Assen Jablensky (WA)
1998 Prof. Patrick McGorry (VIC)
1997 Prof. Ian Hickie (NSW)
1996 Dr Joseph Rey (NSW)
1995 A/Prof. Perminder Sachdev (NSW)
1994 Prof. Peter Joyce (NZ)
1993 A/Prof. Fiona Judd (VIC)
1992 A/Prof. Robert Goldney (SA)
1991 Prof. Gavin Andrews (NSW)
1990 Prof. Gordon Parker (NSW)
1989 Dr Lorraine Dennerstein (VIC)
1988 Prof. Chris Tennant (NSW)
1987 A/Prof. John J Wright (NSW)
1986 Dr A Scott Henderson (ACT)
1985 Prof. Gordon Parker (NSW), Dr Jerzy Krupinski (VIC)
1983 Prof. Russell Meares (NSW)
1982 Prof. Gordon Johnson (NSW), Prof. Gavin Andrews (NSW)
1981 Dr Graham Burrows (VIC)
1980 Prof. Burton G Burton-Bradley (PNG)
1979 Dr John Werry (NZ)

The RANZCP Early Career Psychiatrist Award

The RANZCP Early Career Psychiatrist Award is presented to the trainee, or Fellow or Affiliate (within five years of obtaining their primary specialist psychiatry qualification) who has contributed the most significant paper published in the past two years.

.More information about the RANZCP Early Career Psychiatrist Award

2021 Dr Dhamidhu Eratne (VIC)
2020 Dr Philip Mosley (QLD)
2019 Dr Nicola Warren (QLD)
2018 Dr Klaus Oliver Schubert (SA)
2017 Dr Scott Clark (SA)
2016 Dr Samantha Loi (VIC)
2015 Dr Steven Moylan (VIC)
2014 Dr Matthew Macfarlane (NSW)
2013 Dr Andrew Thompson (UK)
2012 Dr Brian Power (WA)
2011 Dr Dan Siskind (QLD)
2010 Dr Simon Jones (VIC)
2009 Dr Sophia Adams (VIC)
2008 Dr Christopher Davey (VIC)
2007 Dr Michael Breakspear (NSW)
2006 Dr Dan Lubman (VIC)
2005 Dr Rajeev Kumar (ACT)

2004 Dr Alma Rae (NZ)
2003 Dr Jeffrey Looi (ACT)
2002 Dr Suzanne Luty (NZ)
2001 Dr Alasdair Vance (VIC)
1999 Dr Garry Walter (NSW)
1995 Dr Michelle Atchison (SA)
1994 Dr Ashley Bush (USA)
1992 Dr Ian Hickie (NSW)
1991 Dr Patrick McGorry (NSW)
1990 A/Prof. Fiona Judd (VIC)
1989 Dr Peter M Yellowlees (UK)
1988 Dr Peter M Yellowlees (UK)
1987 Dr John Condon (NSW)
1986 Dr Philip Boyce (NSW), Dr Nick Keks (VIC)
1984 Dr Wayne Miles (NZ)
1980 Dr Bruce Singh (NSW), Dr Henry Brodaty (NSW)

The Lived Experience Australia Award for Best Practice in Consumer and Carer Inclusion

Formerly the Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia) (PMHCCN) Award, the Lived Experience Australia Award for Best Practice in Consumer and Carer Inclusion is awarded to the psychiatry trainee who has submitted the best reflection following completion of all five Collaboration, Communication and Cooperation between Health Professionals online modules in Learnit.

.More information about the Lived Experience Australia Award for Best Practice in Consumer and Carer Inclusion

2021 Dr Catherine Torning (QLD)
2020 Dr Sally Sinclair (NSW)
2019 Dr Katherine Moss (QLD)

The Scholarly Project Award

The Scholarly Project Award recognises and encourages excellence in the study of psychiatry. It is awarded for the most meritorious scholarly project submitted for the previous calendar year.

.More information about the Scholarly Project Award

2021 Dr Adam De Chelllis (VIC)
2020 Dr Saul Felber (VIC)
2019 Dr Russell Blakelock (NZ)

Faculty and Section awards

The Addiction Psychiatry Prize

The Addiction Psychiatry Prize is awarded to a trainee or Fellow who has recently completed the Certificate of Advanced Training in Addiction Psychiatry. It is designed to encourage achievement and excellence in addiction psychiatry.

.More information about the Addiction Psychiatry Prize

2021 Dr Sarah Reilly (QLD)
2020 Dr Olalekan Ogunleye (VIC)
2019 Dr Nathan Jacobs (NSW)
2017 Dr Kelly Ridley (WA)
2016 Dr Oluwaseun Akosile (QLD)
2015 Dr Emma Schwarz (NZ)
2014 Dr Lisa Juckes (NSW)
2013 Dr Danielle Florida (NSW)
2012 Dr Catherine Llewellyn (QLD)
2005 Dr Joanne McSweeney (WA)
2002 Dr Hang Tran (SA)
2001 Dr Karen Arnold (NSW)
2000 Dr Charles Whan (NZ)
1999 Dr Francis Agnew (NZ)
1997 Dr Fraser Todd (NZ)
1996 Dr Edmond Van Ammers (NZ)
1995 Dr Jane Fitch (SA)
1994 Dr Michael Baigent (SA)

The Adler Nurcombe Trainee Prize

The Adler Nurcombe Trainee Prize is awarded to an Advanced Trainee in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and/or Forensic Psychiatry for the most outstanding paper or poster presented at the Section of Child and Adolescent  Forensic Psychiatry conference.

.More information about the Adler Nurcombe Trainee Prize

2019 Dr Richard Baker and Dr Annie Parsons (NSW)

The Connell Werry Prize

The Connell Werry Prize is awarded to an Advanced Trainee in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for the most outstanding paper or poster presented at the annual meeting of the Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

.More information about the Connell Werry Prize

2019 Dr Roisin Devlin (NSW)
2018 Dr Joel Killey (NSW)
2017 Dr Brendan Daugherty (NSW)
2016 Dr Lakshman Ratnamohan (NSW)
2015 Dr Joey Le (NSW)
2014 Dr John Kasinathan (NSW)
2013 Dr Tatiana Catanchin (VIC)
2012 Dr Jennifer Harris (VIC)
2011 Dr Julia Katherine Moore (WA)
2010 Dr Abdulghani Mohammed Usman (SA), Dr Georgios Liangas (NSW)
2009 Dr Yolisha Singh (NSW)
2008 Dr Melanie Turner (SA)
2005 Dr Beate Harrison (WA)
2003 Dr Karen Gaunson (VIC)
2002 Dr Andrew Cox (NZ), Dr Michelle Fryer (QLD)
2001 Dr Cathy McGuckin (NSW)

The Howard Cooper Travelling Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Named in honour of the late Dr Howard Cooper, the Fellowship is made annually to a visiting overseas trainee psychiatrist or psychiatrist from the Asia–Pacific region who wishes to gain experience in child and adolescent psychiatry in Australia or New Zealand.

.More information about the Howard Cooper Travelling Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

2021 Dr Prerna Khar (India), Dr Vinyas Nisarga (India)
​2020 Dr Nguyễn Minh Quyết (Vietnam)
2019 Dr Do Tuyet Mai (Vietnam)
2012 Dr Sasitorn Chantaratin (Thailand)
2011 Dr Manveen Kaur Sachdev (Malaysia)
2010 Dr Nurulwafa Hussain (Malaysia)
2009 Dr Norzila Zakaria (Malaysia)
2008 Dr Norharlina Bahar (Malaysia)
2006 Dr Paul Orotaloa (Solomon Islands)

The Faculty of Consultation–Liaison Psychiatry Trainee Abstract Prize

The Faculty of Consultation–Liaison Psychiatry Trainee Abstract Prize is awarded to an advanced trainee in  consultation–liaison psychiatry for the best oral, rapid fire or poster presentation made at the Faculty of Consultation–Liaison Psychiatry conference.

.More information about the Faculty of Consultation–Liaison Psychiatry Trainee Abstract Prize

2019 Dr Pierre Wibawa (VIC)

The Medlicott Award

The Medlicott Award was established in 1999 in honour of Professor Emeritus Reginald Medlicott. It is designed to encourage achievement and excellence in research in forensic psychiatry.

.More information about the Medlicott Award

2021 Dr Lewis Walker (WA)
2020 Dr Sam Pang (VIC)
2019 Dr Carolina Cerón Castano and Dr Zara Samaraweera (QLD)
2018 Dr Yin-Lan Soon (NSW)
2017 Dr Caleb Armstrong (NZ)
2016 Dr Lillian Ng (NZ)
2012 Dr Claire Wolfenden (QLD)
2011 Dr Susanna Every-Palmer (NZ)
2003 Dr Aleksandra Isailovic (QLD)
2002 Dr Cassandra Griffin (QLD)
2001 Dr R Paul Read (NSW)

The Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age Basic Psychiatric Trainee Prize

The Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age Basic Psychiatric Trainee Prize is designed to promote excellence in advancing the quality of life in older people with mental illness. It is awarded to a psychiatry trainee for a draft article suitable for journal publication, published article, case review or study.

.More information about the Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age Basic Psychiatric Trainee Prize

2021 Dr James Barton (QLD)
2019 Dr Reece Bretag-Norris (SA)
2016 Dr Joanna Wang (NZ)
2014 Dr Julia Jamaludin (VIC)
2013 Dr Phillip Mosley (QLD)

The Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age Prize for Best Mental Health Service Improvement

The Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age Prize for Best Mental Health Service Improvement encourages and promotes the highest clinical and ethical standards in the delivery of psychiatry of old age services and is awarded for improvements focused upon the needs of people with mental illness who are older.

.More information about the Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age Prize for Best Mental Health Service Improvement

2020 Dr Hannah Lake (TAS)
2017 Dr Jacqueline Huber (NSW)
2015 Dr Shalini Arunogiri (VIC)
2013 Dr Anne Wand (NSW)

The Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age Psychiatric Trainee Prize for Scholarly Project

The Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age Psychiatric Trainee Prize for Scholarly Project is awarded to a current or recent advanced trainee in psychiatry of old age for meritorious research in the field of psychiatry of old age.

.More information about the Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age Psychiatric Trainee Prize for Scholarly Project

2021 Dr Tali Elsayed (NSW)
2020 Dr David Kumagaya (NSW)
2019 Dr Sidhesh Phaldessai (NZ)
2018 Dr Arulmathy Arunachalam (QLD)
2017 Dr Meagan Ramages (NZ)
2016 Dr Usman Ali (QLD)
2015 Dr Andrew Gleason (VIC), Dr Shanthi Sarma (QLD)
2014 Dr Eli Kotler (VIC), Dr Duncan McKellar (SA)
2013 Dr Sires Bharathan (NZ)

The Faculty of Psychotherapy Essay Prize 

The Faculty of Psychotherapy Essay Prize is awarded for the best essay submitted by a psychiatry trainee or recent Fellow on a psychotherapy topic.

.More information about the Faculty of Psychotherapy Essay Prize

2021 Dr William Lugg (NSW), Dr Sara Temelkovski (WA)
2020 Dr Michael Weightman (SA)
2019 Dr Reece Bretag-Norris (SA)
2017 Dr Lara Gallur (SA)
2013 Dr Russell Golden (VIC)
2012 Dr Julia Jamaludin (VIC)

Branch awards

Victorian Branch Meritorious Service Award

Victorian Branch Meritorious Awards are awarded annually to recognise the outstanding contribution to psychiatry by a Fellow and an external agency or individual.

.More information about the Victorian Branch Meritorious Service Award

College Fellows

2020 A/Prof. Sathya Rao
​2019 Prof. Daniel O'Connor
2018 Dr Frances Minson
2017 A/Prof. Josephine Beatson
2016 Dr William Pring
2015 Prof. Jayashri Kulkarni
2014 Prof. Malcolm Hopwood
2013 Dr Ruth Vine
2012 Prof. Thomas Callaly
2011 Prof. George Mendelson
2010 Prof. Bruce Tonge
2009 Dr Michael G Duke
2008 Prof. Graham Dene Burrows AO
2006 Dr Ian Martin
2005 Prof. Brian Davies

Agency or individual

2020 Prof. Alan Gisjbers
2019 Ms Julie Dempsey
2017 Dr Jeya Lekshmi Viswanathan
2014 The Honourable Mary Wooldridge

2008 Orygen     
2006 Mood Disorder Support Group of Victoria
2005 Alzheimer’s Australia, Victoria
2002 The Mental Health Council of Australia

Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship of the RANZCP

Honorary Fellowship of the RANZCP recognises exceptional and prominent contributions to psychiatry and mental health by a person who does not otherwise qualify for Fellowship of the RANZCP.

.More information about Honorary Fellowship of the RANZCP

2020 Ms Caro Swanson (NZ)

RANZCP Foundation research grants

Beverley Raphael New Investigator Grant

The Beverley Raphael New Investigator Grant is designed to encourage those who are new to research and require a small amount of funding to conduct a small-scale study.

.More information about the Beverley Raphael New Investigator Grant

2020 Dr Daniel Pham 'Why do people leave detox early? A qualitative exploration of consumer perspectives on reasons for early discharge from an addiction medicine residential withdrawal unit.'
Dr Anthony Hew 'Is early mortality in schizophrenia associated with dementia? Investigating risk factors and shared pathways.'
Dr Hannah Dobson 'An examination of posttraumatic stress disorder following childbirth.'
Dr Magdalena Hagn 'Which older people with psychotic disorders are most likely to experience anxiety and how should this be manage?'
2019 Dr Marc Jurblum 'Bionomic Fractals and Evidence-based design: Improving patient and staff outcomes in an acute psychiatry ward'
Dr Patrik Ho Ek Seng 'Stimulating social cognition in early psychosis (SSCEP): Effects of anodal High-Definition transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (HD-tDCS) to the right temporo-parietal junction (rTPJ) in young adults with early psychosis.'
2018 Dr Katherine Moss  'The development and implementation of a physical activity intervention for patients with serious mental illness residing in a high secure forensic setting.' 
Dr Matthew Kang 'Evaluating the effects of brief, regular mindfulness-based intervention to improve mindfulness, attention, communication and teamwork: Pilot Study.'
Dr Nicola Warren  'Assessment of Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis in chronic psychiatric disorders: a pilot study.'
2017 Dr Benjamin Veness 'Complaints about psychiatrists: A national retrospective cohort study of health, performance and conduct concerns reported to medical regulators in Australia.'
Dr Rohan Taylor  'Understanding how Anaesthesia Affects ECT Outcomes. A prospective randomised trial of the anaesthetic-ECT time interval and its impact on EEG outcomes.'
Dr Cate McHugh 'Clinical predictors of suicidal behaviour in young people engaged in primary mental health care: A 5-year follow up study of clinical, neuropsychological and neurobiological markers.'
Dr Myles Gutkin 'Functional Neurological Symptoms Pilot Study.'
2016 Dr Dale Marchant 'A qualitative exploration of how villagers in the remote Highlands of Papua New Guinea are affected by involvement in inter-tribal wars'
Dr Keryn Taylor 'An investigation of modifiable risk factors associate with depression: a 2.5 year follow up study of an international sample of people with multiple sclerosis'
Dr Lux Ratnamohan Intergenerational processes in refugee families: Legacy and transmission of trauma'
Dr Shuichi Suetani 'Acceptability of physical activity measures in people with psychotic disorders'
2015 Dr Clare Chapman  'Stress and unexplained medical symptoms' 
Dr Derek Buchanan 'Academic psychiatry in New Zealand' 
Dr Izaak Lim  'Sexuality in psychiatric institutions'
2014 Dr Hannah Newall  'Sleep disorder in Schizophrenia'
Dr Iain Perkes 'fMRI correlates of decision making in obsessive compulsive disorder'
Dr Stephen Parker  'Evaluating residential mental health rehabilitation outcomes across three community care units: Qualitative evaluation of the consumer journey encompassing expectation and realities of care'
Dr Phillip Mosley 'Impulsivity and caregiver commitment after deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease'

RANZCP Foundation Early Research Career Grant

Formerly known as the Research and Education Foundation Grant, the RANZCP Foundation Early Research Career Grant offers support for RANZCP Fellows who are pursuing innovative research in psychiatry. The grant is designed to encourage those who might be new to research or intend to have a career in research.

.More information about the RANZCP Foundation Early Research Career Grant

2020 Dr Andrew Gleason 'A pilot study of 64-CuATSM PET and QSM MRI as biomarkers of ferroptosis in Alzheimer's disease'
Dr Deborah Wearne 'A comparison of the experience of hallucinations and dissociation in three subject groups (individuals with the diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder with dissociation, Schizophrenia and comorbid Schizophrenia/PTSD)'
2019 Dr Adam John Bayes  'The Sydney Melancholia Prototypic Index (SMPI) as a predictor of treatment response to ketamine for treatment-resistant depression (TRD)'
Dr Natalie van Swet 'Enhancing reflective functioning in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: an attachment-based intervention for fathers'
2018 Dr Nicole Korman  'Addressing physical inactivity for adults with severe mental illness living within residential rehabilitation services – a pilot randomised controlled study.' 
Dr Stephen Parker 'A pragmatic grounded theory analysis of reflections on the experience and outcomes of community based residential mental rehabilitation: exploring the impact of integrated peer support'
2017 Dr Tharini Ketharanathan 'Exploring potential mechanisms of environmental factors in mediating risks for schizophrenia: immune and epidermal growth factor (EGF) system interactions.'
2016 Dr Klaus Oliver Schubert 'Developing blood biomarkers for long-term cognitive deficits in people with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)'
2015 Dr Shalini Arunogiri 'Methamphetamine and psychosis: understanding risk factors'

The Pat, Toni and Peter Kinsman Research Scholarship

The Pat, Toni and Peter Kinsman Research Scholarship, supported by a bequest from the Kinsman family, was established in 1996 to encourage research into postnatal depression in women in Australia and New Zealand.

.More information about the Pat, Toni and Peter Kinsman Research Scholarship

2020 A/Prof. Yoram Barak, Prof. Paul Glue, Dr Christopher Gale and A/Prof. Natalie Medlicott (NZ)    
2018 Dr Beth Mah, A/Prof. Kym Rae, A/Prof. Maree Gruppetta and Ms Lisa Orcher (NSW)    
2016 Dr Josephine Power, Dr Jean-Loup Rault and Prof. Michael Permezel (VIC)    
2014 Prof. Harvey Whiteford (QLD)    
2011 Prof. Rhoshel Lenroot (NSW)    
2009 Prof. Louise Newman (VIC)
2007 Dr Megan Galbally (VIC)
2005 Dr Susan Priest and A/Prof. Marie-Paule Austin (NSW)
2003 A/Prof. Anne Buist, Prof. Jeannette Milgrom and Prof. Carol Morse (VIC)
2001 Prof. Philip Boyce (NSW)
1998 Prof. Chris Tennant and Dr Catherine McMahon (NSW)

The RANZCP Psychotherapy Research Award

The RANZCP Psychotherapy Research Award is designed to encourage research in psychotherapy in Australia and New Zealand among psychiatry trainees and recent Fellows. Supported by the RANZCP Foundation and Faculty of Psychotherapy, this award aims to facilitate addition to the body of knowledge in psychotherapy.

.More information about the RANZCP Psychotherapy Research Award

2021 Dr Mandana Fazeli Kisomi (VIC)
2020 Dr Dwain Burridge and Dr Eliot Frickey (QLD)
2019 Dr Myles Gutkin (NSW)

The Trisno Family Research Grant in Old Age Psychiatry

The Trisno Family Research Grant in Old Age Psychiatry aims to support research to optimise the prevention, diagnosis, management and continuing care strategies for older populations. Generously supported by the Trisno Family and RANZCP Foundation, this grant is awarded to a Fellow or trainee who is planning to conduct old age psychiatry research.

.More information about the Trisno Family Research Grant in Old Age Psychiatry 

2021 Dr Malcolm Forbes (VIC)
2020 Dr Vivek Phutane (VIC)
2018 Dr Nurrul Binti Johari (NZ)
2016 Dr Dhamidhu Eratne (VIC), Dr Elaine Kwan (NSW)

The Block Family Memorial Grant in Perinatal and Infant Psychiatry

The Block Family Memorial Grant in Perinatal and Infant Psychiatry was supported by a bequest from the Block family. It encouraged further training with a focus on perinatal and infant psychiatry research in Australia and New Zealand. 

The Block Family Memorial Grant in Perinatal and Infant Psychiatry is no longer offered.

2019 Dr Cathrin Kusuma (VIC), Dr Sarah Rotstein (VIC), Dr Alana Rowick (WA), Dr Daniel You (NSW)
2018 Dr Christine Kilcawley (QLD), Dr Shuichi Suetani (QLD), Dr Wen Hui Daphne Law (SA), Dr Jennifer Dancer (NSW)
2017 Dr Brendan Daugherty (NSW)
2016 Dr Imogen Wang (VIC), Dr Jarrod Holst (ACT), Dr Lux Ratnamohan (NSW)
2015 Dr Jessica Kuc (VIC), Dr Alice Chang (QLD), Dr Dawud Meeran (NZ), Dr Oyewale Oyewopo (WA)

2014 Dr Virginia Loftus (VIC), Dr Benjamin Hoadley (NSW)
2013 Dr Monique Mason (VIC), Dr Christina Richardson (VIC)
2012 Dr Karen Gwee (USA), Dr Laura Kean (NSW), Dr Andrew McKensey (NSW)
2011 Dr Alice Dwyer (NSW), Dr Lucinda Smith (VIC), Dr Samari Johnston (VIC), Dr Adaobi Udechuku (VIC)
2010 Dr Nicola Beamish (TAS), Dr Tram Nguyen (VIC)
2009 Dr Emma Adams (Canada), Dr Deeta Kimber (VIC)

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