Assessments - workplace

Trainees in the RANZCP Fellowship Program must successfully complete the following assessments conducted in the workplace.

Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) assessed as Partially Comparable must successfully complete some of these workplace assessments.

.Requirements of the Partial Comparability Placement

Trainees and SIMGs must also complete exams and other College-administered assessments.

Assessments – College-administered

Assessment Timing Type Description
Workplace-based Assessments
Throughout training. Trainees must complete one Observed Clinical Activity (OCA), a type of WBA, per 6-month FTE rotation. Formative assessment

Trainees receive structured feedback on their performance in authentic workplace settings
(e.g. discussing cases with their supervisors, or being observed during initial patient assessments, during clinical encounters or giving presentations to an audience).

A minimum of 3 WBAs are used to inform the assessment of each EPA.

Entrustable Professional Activities
Throughout training. Summative assessment

Used to measure competence in the activities of psychiatric practice. Each EPA corresponds to a particular activity.

Two EPAs must be attained for each 6-month FTE rotation. Additionally, each stage has particular EPA requirements.

In-Training Assessments
Throughout training.

The mid-rotation ITA is a formative assessment.

The end-of-rotation ITA is a summative assessment.

Assesses the trainee's performance against each learning outcome for that stage and tracks EPA attainment.

Formative assessments are part of the training process – they provide information that indicates how a trainee is progressing and feedback into training delivery.

Summative assessments are intended to evaluate a trainee's knowledge and skills after delivery of training.

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