About the RANZCP Foundation

The RANZCP Foundation is the College charity translating donations into world-class psychiatric research, clinical work, meaningful initiatives, and innovative projects that improve the mental health and wellbeing of communities in Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and neighbouring regions.


Transforming mental health care, creating a world of potential. 


By promoting research and fostering innovation and partnerships, we build knowledge and skills. We support individuals, families and their communities to achieve and maintain mental health and wellbeing throughout the lifespan. 

The RANZCP Foundation is committed to advancing these areas: 

  1. Preventing and treating mental illness 

    The RANZCP Foundation seeks to prevent the occurrence of all mental illness. When illness does occur, the risk of recurrence should be reduced and individuals should be enabled to recover and live a meaningful and productive life. Access to mental health care should be equitable, accessible, streamlined, and evidence-informed. Recognising the limits of current treatments, the RANZCP Foundation will provide leadership and partner with those with lived experience, and related services, to incorporate neuroscience and technology and to develop innovation across the broad range of mental health interventions.
  2. Supporting the mental health of diverse communities 

    Reflecting the collaborative and integrative way in which psychiatrists work, the RANZCP Foundation will provide leadership and support a systematic approach to building connections across and within our diverse communities. By embracing diversity and supporting the participation of all within our communities, we will reduce stigma, create mental wealth and deliver social, cultural and economic benefits, and by fostering a diversity of approaches, we will help to build engaged communities where everyone is respected, valued and has a sense of belonging. 
  3. Maintaining mental health and wellbeing across the lifespan 

    Good mental health starts with healthy families; poor mental health can go across generations and is strongly interlinked with poor physical health. The RANZCP Foundation will build positive experiences in childhood that lead to healthy ageing, and will invest in research, projects and partnerships that build positive health throughout the lifespan – and for future generations. 

How we advance this

The RANZCP Foundation is responsible working with all stakeholders to raise funds and manage an annual grants, scholarships and awards program that enables RANZCP members to undertake vital new research, clinical work and projects in mental health. 

Our work is supported by many generous donors and benefactors. 

100% of all donations received are used to fund grants. 

All operational costs of the RANZCP Foundation are fully supported internally by the RANZCP.

Annual review

Read more about our work and achievements.

RANZCP Foundation Annual Review 2021 [PDF; 3.5 MB]

RANZCP Foundation Annual Review 2020 [PDF; 900 KB]

RANZCP Foundation Annual Review 2019 [PDF; 1.2 MB]

RANZCP Foundation update report 2018 [PDF; 587 KB]   


The Foundation is currently actively expanding the range of activities it supports. Please talk with us about forming new partnerships, projects and grants programs.

RANZCP Foundation prospectus [PDF; 753 KB] 

Tax deductible status in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

Gifts and donations to the College are an allowable income tax deduction in Australia. Receipts will be provided for all donations made. The RANZCP Foundation is not currently a registered gift recipient in Aotearoa New Zealand.   

The RANZCP Foundation accepts donations by payment options available through our website.

Contact us

RANZCP Foundation
309 La Trobe St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
T +61 3 9640 0646          
F +61 3 9642 5652
E foundation@ranzcp.org

ABN 68 000 439 047

The RANZCP is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

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