Private practice resources

The RANZCP has prepared the following
information resources as a member benefit for psychiatrists in private practice.

About these resources

A Guide to Private Psychiatric Practice [PDF; 623 KB]

FAQs for private practitioners regarding COVID-19 [PDF; 200 KB]

Opening a practice

Opening a practice – overview
Legal requirements (Australia)
Legal requirements (Aotearea New Zealand)




Operating a practice

Practice management – overview 
Working with patients
Ending/transfer of patient care
Medical professionalism
Contingency planning for emergency closure of a practice




Patient health records

Management of patient health records
Documentation, legislation and storage of patient health records
Retention, destruction and disposal of patient health records
Access to patient health records




Closing a practice

Closing a practice – overview
Initial decisions to consider
Transferring or discharging patients
People and organisations to notify
Management of patient records on closure
Selling or transferring a practice
Closing a practice due to professional misconduct
Closing a practice on behalf of a psychiatrist (for legal representatives)

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Disclaimer: This information is intended to provide general guide to practitioners, and should not be relied on as a substitute for proper assessment with respect to the merits of each case and the needs of the patient. The RANZCP endeavours to ensure that information is accurate and current at the time of preparation, but takes no responsibility for matters arising from changed circumstances or information or material that may have become subsequently available.