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16 August 2023
A day in the life of a forensic registrar

Ever wondered what it's like to be a psychiatrist? This series explores a day in the life of psychia...

04 June 2022
Working where criminal law meets psychiatry

The forensic psychiatrist plays an important role in helping the courts, offenders and the community...

13 April 2022
Caring for patients with intellectual or developmental disability

Dr Cathy Franklin shares insights into a typical day.

30 March 2022
Treating rural patients with both medical and psychiatric diagnoses

Consultation–Liaison psychiatry offers a diverse experience.

24 March 2022
Working as a psychiatrist who provides electroconvulsive therapy

Often misunderstood, ECT and neurostimulation can be lifesaving for some severe mental illnesses.

15 March 2022
Reflecting on a career in psychiatry - is it for you?

Dr Tanveer Ahmed provides his reflections on the psychiatry specialty and what it’s like working as ...

10 March 2022
Specialise in the mind - become a psychiatrist

Dr Daniel Mirmilstein shares his insights on what it’s like working as a psychiatrist.

07 March 2022
Be a doctor in mental health - become a psychiatrist

Dr Lieu-Chi Nguyen shares her experiences about what it's like working as a psychiatrist.

19 January 2022
Opportunities for an exciting work-life balance

Dr Qavi Isa shares his experience in a regional town.

19 January 2022
Supporting vulnerable parents during the perinatal period

Dr Lyndall White shares her experience as a Perinatal Psychiatrist

21 September 2021
Improving the lives of those impacted by ADHD

Hear from psychiatrist Dr Roger Paterson about working with people with Attention Deficit Hyperactiv...

07 September 2021
Helping people in rural communities with addiction disorders

Hear from Dr Kelly Ridley who is an Addiction Psychiatrist based in rural Western Australia.