Opportunities for an exciting work-life balance

Mildura presented an appealing opportunity for Dr Qavi Isa, an STP stage 3 trainee, to experience a different lifestyle in a dynamic regional town.

With the diversity in psychiatric presentations and treatments, and supportive supervisors and senior medical staff, Qavi has been able to hone his skills in clinical practice, leadership, and governance. 

You could be doing adult, perinatal, childhood, adolescent, community, and in-patient; you're not confined to working in one area of practice.’ ‘As a senior registrar, I have had the opportunity to try other psychiatric treatments which may not be accessible, such as managing and leading ECT treatment.’

Feeling connected to colleagues and the community is an unexpected benefit to working in a rural location.

It's a very rewarding place to work, people are more available; we socialise outside of work, and when new trainees come, or new locums, we visit the local scene together.’

Qavi also relishes his proximity to work, the unique environment, and the range of lifestyle activities. ‘I enjoy bush walking, biking, and photography, with regular weekend getaways to explore nearby attractions.’

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