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Dr Daniel Mirmilstein is a Stage 3 RANZCP psychiatry trainee currently based in Melbourne, VIC. He shared his reflections on a rewarding career in psychiatry, and offered advice to students and junior doctors navigating their medical career.

'Everyone has a story. I’m a father, partner, avid meditator, Lego enthusiast and a RANZCP advanced trainee in child and adolescent psychiatry. I was born overseas and I have travelled and lived in many places.

I love psychiatry because I love people's stories and enjoy supporting them in a meaningful journey of discovery and healing.

Psychiatry can be informed by various interesting fields such as neuroscience, psychology and philosophy.

Psychiatry allows the blending of an intellectual understanding, with a felt sense of the other, and ultimately a deeper relationship with the self.

Engaging with the Psychiatry Interest Forum gave me the opportunity to meet my future colleagues and better understand psychiatry as a career. I realised that I had found my people.

I would encourage all students and junior doctors to engage in self-reflection and cultivate broad life experiences as they navigate their career in medicine.'

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