RANZCP accreditation of training programs, posts and FECs

The RANZCP is responsible for accrediting training programs and posts in psychiatry, to ensure they provide quality training experiences that facilitate the training of safe and competent psychiatrists.

Training program accreditation

Accreditation of Training Programs is the responsibility of the Accreditation Committee. 

Training post accreditation

Accreditation of Training Posts is the responsibility of the relevant Branch Training Committee or the New Zealand Training Committee.

These Post Accreditation Standards apply to new training posts and to the review of existing posts. To support Branches and health service providers in the interpretation of the Standards, periodically guidelines are published on specific aspects.

Formal Education Course (FEC) accreditation

Accreditation of FECs is the responsibility of the Accreditation Committee.

The RANZCP has developed accreditation standards covering main educational, clinical, and governance areas. A key RANZCP role is to define these standards, and it is the task of the Accreditation Committee of the Education Committee to monitor the application of the standards through accreditation reviews of psychiatry training programs in Australia and New Aotearoa Zealand.

Accreditation of the RANZCP Fellowship Program is at two levels: training programs and posts. 
An accredited training program consists of accredited posts located across many health services, which are not necessarily funded by the one body. For example, a training program may include accredited posts in the following settings:

  • A health service funded by the state or territory jurisdiction
  • A private practice or private hospital
  • A community setting funded by the Commonwealth (in Australia) 

Sites, or individual health services, are not accredited by the RANZCP for the training of psychiatrists. 

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