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Model Summary Image 30 November 2023


President's Column November 2023
07 December 2023
College end-of-year closure

The College will close at 1.00pm AEDT on Friday 22 December 2023 and reopen on Monday 8 January 2024...

07 December 2023
The RANZCP at the AIDA 2023 Conference, 16–18 November 2023

The RANZCP exhibition booth at the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association (AIDA) Conference 2023...

07 December 2023
InTrain needs your FEC enrolment data

Call out to trainees: Please ensure your current FEC enrolment details are entered into InTrain.

07 December 2023
PIF program celebrating a decade of success with a video competition

Existing PIF members are invited to take part in a video competition and share their program experie...

06 December 2023
Clinical Competency Portfolio Review - from September 2025

The Education Committee is continuing to update and refine the program of RANZCP training assessment...

05 December 2023
Insights from Dr Sandy Jusuf on meeting CPD requirements

Dr Sandy Jusuf, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in New South Wales.

05 December 2023
Changes to clinical exams in 2024

The Clinical Competency Assessment (CCA) has been modified for candidates sitting the exam from Apri...

30 November 2023
Contemporary approaches to guidance for high quality clinical practice

RANZCP Board statement on the future of Clinical Practice Guideline development and funding advocacy...

24 November 2023
Congratulations to Dr Jodi Eatt!

Dr Jodi Eatt was awarded the iconic AIDA stethoscope at the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Associati...

24 November 2023
New CPD guidelines for trainees on prolonged breaks in training

The CPD program within MyCPD will be tailored to better support trainees on prolonged breaks in trai...