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Postal address
RANZCP Victorian Branch
309 La Trobe Street
Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

Branch Chair 

Dr Kerryn Rubin

Dr Astha Tomar

Astha is presently the Head of Youth Mental Health Services at Peninsula Health and also works at The Melbourne Clinic in private practice.

She has been a part of the Victorian Branch Committee over the last many years and has been active in leading the policy response to COVID-19 and wellbeing of Health Care Workers, SafeScript, Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System and Productivity Commission Report in Mental Health and other policy statements and submissions produced by the Branch.

Astha is committed to representing the Victorian membership to facilitate effective outcomes and looks forward to engagement from members in helping do this job better.

She is a part of a great team with gender balance and cultural diversity which she has encouraged and sought out for over the last many years.

Dr Tomar is ably supported by the Victorian Branch team and you can reach out to her via the team with any questions, concerns or suggestions on the email above.

Applications open for first year psychiatry training positions in Victoria

Eligible medical practitioners may apply to enter the Victorian Psychiatry Training Program commencing February 2022.

Applications open Monday 3 May 2021 and close 4pm Tuesday 8 June 2021.

All potential applicants must:

  1. Apply to the Victorian Psychiatry Training Program via the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria website
  2. Seek a training position with a Victorian hospital or clinical service.

Timeline and key dates for 2021 [PDF; 30 KB]

Application and selection process -- advice for applicants [PDF; 29 KB]

Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System is a once in a lifetime opportunity to design a mental health system which meets the needs of Victorians in the 21st century. 

Latest updates on Branch activities related to the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System

Victorian Branch 2020–21 Pre-Budget Submission

The RANZCP Victorian Branch Pre-Budget Submission 2021-22 focuses on the key priority areas that need to be addressed for Victorians to have access to effective, efficient and equitable mental healthcare.

Advocacy priorities

  • Map, gap, and plan to address the psychiatry shortage
  • Address bottlenecks in the psychiatry training pathway
  • Create more Consultant Psychiatrist positions to meet demand for specialty services
  • Create a sustainable regional and rural workforce
  • Invest in leadership opportunities

Victorian Branch 2021-22 Pre-Budget Submission [PDF; 1.6 MB]


List of Victorian psychiatrists available for COVID-19 healthcare workers

Victorian psychiatry workforce

A shortage of psychiatrists and maldistribution of the psychiatry workforce across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria means that the needs of mental health services are no longer being met. 

An analysis by the RANZCP Victorian Branch in 2015, commissioned by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) revealed the challenges facing Victoria's psychiatry workforce.

Victorian Psychiatry Workforce Report [PDF; 2 MB]

Victorian psychiatry workforce infographic