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RANZCP Victoria Branch
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Mental health: targeting new investment

.Mental health: targeting new investment [PDF; 159KB]
Developed by the RANZCP Victorian Branch, this document sets out why and where investment is urgently needed to provide quality care to people with mental illness.

The Victorian mental health care system is at a critical point. An estimated 3% of the Victorian population have a severe and complex mental illness and yet only 1.1% of Victorians are receiving public mental health care. This means that two out of three people who need specialist mental health services can’t access it in the public system.

The Vic Branch is calling on all Members of the Victorian Parliament to commit to investing in community services, as well as the following targeted areas:
  1. More public acute beds
  2. Increased forensic services
  3. Establishing more child and adolescent psychiatry training positions
  4. Prioritising evidence-based treatment in public mental health services
  5. Properly funding psychiatrists to address the high and increasing impact of addiction
Investment is urgently needed across the whole sector, followed by long-term successive commitments to increase funding until Victoria achieves at least parity with other states.

Enabling supported decision-making

.Enabling supported decision making [PDF; 181 KB]

The RANZCP Vic Branch has published this position paper to educate and inform its members, consumers and their families, and other clinicians about the principles of supported decision-making.

The supported decision-making model was introduced in the Mental Health Act 2014 (Victoria) for people living with mental illness and who are subject to compulsory assessment and treatment. This paper was developed by the RANZCP Vic Branch Enabling Supported Decision-Making Subcommittee which comprised consumers and clinicians, using a co-production methodology which mirrors the principles of supported decision-making.

Victorian psychiatry workforce

Victorian psychiatry workforce infographic

The Branch was approached by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in 2015 to undertake a project to contribute to psychiatry workforce planning and development for Victoria’s public mental health sector.

The Victorian Branch have produced this infographic based on the findings of the project. The Branch is working with DHHS to progress these recommendations and to highlight the challenges besetting the psychiatry workforce.

The final report outlines the methods and findings from an extensive review of literature and data sources, together with more than 40 key informant interviews with psychiatrists working across Victoria.

View the full report below.

.Victorian Psychiatry Workforce Report [PDF; 2 MB]

For more information about the project, please contact

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