Annual reports and strategy

Annual reports

2021 Annual Review [PDF; 3.2 MB]

For previous years' reports, see the Annual report archive.







2021 Financial Report [PDF; 11.5 MB]






Strategic plan

The RANZCP Strategic Plan details the College’s vision, purposes, values and strategic priorities for 2018–2020.

RANZCP Strategic Plan [PDF; 319 KB]

RANZCP Strategic Response Plan 2021 [PDF; 252 KB]
Redefining our focus in a COVID-19 environment.

The RANZCP Strategic Response Plan 2021 builds on the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, which has been extended. Both documents will provide the RANZCP’s strategic focus for 2021 and guide our COVID-safe operations.

Operational plan

The priorities in the RANZCP’s Strategic Plan are supported by the Operational Plan, which is reported to the Board and membership on a regular basis.

RANZCP Operational Plan 

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2015-2017 RANZCP Strategic Plan cover

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