Complaints Resolution

Training and Assessment Complaints

Regulation 14.3 (RANZCP Training and Assessment Regulations) states:

You may request a review of a decision affecting you in relation to training and assessment. The relevant committee and/or the Board of Education will consider such requests.

It is required that the applicant, prior to making application for a formal reconsideration, has attempted to informally clarify the decision with the relevant Committee.

A reconsideration is the first formal step in the College’s complaints resolution process available to trainees and exemptions candidates where a decision has been made which the applicant believes unfairly affects their progression through the Fellowships program and evidence of grounds for reconsideration can be established. A reconsideration involves re-evaluation of a decision by the Board of Education, as appropriate.

Following a reconsideration, the final stage of the College’s complaints resolution process for Trainees and Exemption Candidates is the Appeals process. Appeals are dealt with in the RANZCP Appeals Process and the Regulations relating to the Appeals Committee.

Please see the following flowchart and procedure documents for further information regarding the complaints resolution process for Trainees and Exemption Candidates.

Incident Report Procedure for College Examinations [PDF; 38KB]

Procedure for Reconsideration of BOE Committee Decisions [PDF; 63KB]

Bullying and Harassment

Following resolution at General Council in November 2008, the College has a formal Bullying and Harassment policy which specifically addresses the needs of Trainees and Specialist International Medical Graduates. 

The College is in the process of developing a complaints handling procedure based on the approved policy and flowchart below:

Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Policy [PDF; 158 KB]

Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Complaint Resolution Procedure [PDF; 120 KB]

Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Complaint Form [PDF; 131 KB]

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