Forms and documents – overseas specialists

This page contains all relevant forms and documents for new applicants to the Specialist Pathway and existing specialist international medical graduate (SIMG) candidates. 

Specialist Pathway Assessment Application Form

Submission of applications

Submit via email to

  • Please review your application documents to ensure that the documents are clear and readable.
  • Ensure the application is no more than 150 pages in total; applications which exceed this page limit will not be accepted for assessment
  • The current version of the application form must be used.
  • Include all specified supporting documents.
  • Any photos or images must also be clear and of a high resolution.
  • All application documents should be submitted within the one email.
  • Please be mindful of the size of the attachment.
  • In order to decrease the size of your attachments, please zip all documents and attach the zipped version to the email. For assistance on how to zip documents please refer to Windows or Apple.

Once you have collated your application, please email to with the subject title ‘Application for Specialist Assessment’.

RANZCP staff will acknowledge receipt of an application within 48 hours. If you do not receive an acknowledgement please contact us at

Incorrect or incomplete applications will not be processed and an incomplete application fee may be charged.

Communication to Specialist International Medical Graduate (SIMG) applicants about changes to the application process due to COVID-19. 

Other application forms

Specialist Pathway policies

Maintenance of comparability status

This policy outlines the requirements of SIMG candidates on the Specialist Pathway to RANZCP Fellowship under the 2012 Fellowship Program; how to maintain their comparability status and how to progress to Fellowship during their time on the Specialist Pathway and as specified by the College. It has been written in accordance with AHPRA requirements.

Maintenance of comparability status on the Specialist Pathway policy [PDF; 142 KB]

Partial comparability requirements

This policy outlines the time and assessment requirements for SIMG candidates on the Specialist Pathway to RANZCP Fellowship, who have been assessed as partially comparable. From January 2016, these requirements are closely aligned to and are consistent with that of trainees in Stage 3 of the 2012 Fellowship Program.

Partial Comparability requirements for RANZCP Fellowship policy [PDF; 181 KB]

Substantial comparability requirements

This policy outlines the time and assessment requirements for SIMG canidates on the Specialist Pathway to RANZCP Fellowship, who have been assessed as substantially comparable.

Substantial Comparability requirements for RANZCP Fellowship policy [PDF; 169 KB]

Application fees

All completed application forms should be lodged with their required fees. The fee types and amounts depend on the application being submitted.


Assessment dates 


Each State Assessment Panel can assess a maximum of three applications per round of assessments. If the maximum number of complete applications has already been received for a certain round, applicants may need to wait until the next round of assessments for their application to be assessed.

Additional documents

Additional training resources

Complaints resolution and appeals process

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