A day in the life of a psychiatrist

Ever wondered what it's like to be a psychiatrist? Learn about different careers within psychiatry through these articles exploring a typical day in the life of a psychiatrist.

Providing psychiatric care for patients with intellectual or developmental disabilities

Helping improve lives of those with intellectual and developmental disability can be difficult yet gratifying.

Working where criminal and civil law meet psychiatric practice

The forensic psychiatrist plays an important multi-faceted role in helping the courts, offenders and the community.

Treating rural patients with both medical and psychiatric diagnoses

Working as a Consultation–Liaison psychiatrist in a rural area offers a diverse profession alongside a flexible lifestyle.

Electroconvulsive therapy and neurostimulation in psychiatry

Often misunderstood, ECT and neurostimulation can be lifesaving for some severe mental illnesses.

Reflections on a career in psychiatry – is it for you?

Psychiatry offers a challenging yet rewarding career involving patient stories intertwined with neuroscience, behaviorism and psychoanalysis.

Specialise in the mind – become a psychiatrist

Dr Daniel Mirmilstein has discovered a better understanding of others and himself through psychiatry training.

Be a doctor in mental health – become a psychiatrist

Dr Lieu-Chi Nguyen has found opportunity for exploration during psychiatry training – through patients, self and geographically.

Opportunities for an exciting work-life balance

Dr Qasi Iva finds the right mix of work-life balance in regional Victoria.

Supporting vulnerable parents during the perinatal period

Although complex and challenging, perinatal psychiatry can be a vital intervention for parents and their foetus or infant.

Improving the lives of those impacted by ADHD

A psychiatrist’s neurological understanding of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can help patients manage symptoms, behaviour and lifestyle.

Helping people in rural communities with addiction disorders

The work of an Addiction Psychiatrist in a small town can benefit both patients and the wider community.

Taking the lead as a rural registrar

Working as a registrar in a rural area provides lots of opportunities for leadership says STP trainee, Dr Judith Keith.

Caring for the community in Albany, WA

Growing up in a rural area, Dr Phoebe Thornton intends to practice as a rural psychiatrist on completion of her training.

Caring for patients outside the public system

Psychiatrists working in private practice support and manage patients outside of the public hospital system.

Providing care to remote Indigenous communities

Language, culture and geographical distances are some of the exciting challenges rural psychiatrists work to understand or overcome.

Experts in psychiatry, medicine and neurology

Exploring the interface between brain and mind, neuropsychiatry intersects psychiatry with neurology and general medicine.

Supporting young people interacting with the legal system

Helping to reduce crime and suffering in society by intervening in cycles of disadvantage, child and adolescent forensic work can be very rewarding.

Providing psychiatry expertise to the hospital medical team

As the face of psychiatry to medical colleagues, the consultation–liaison psychiatrist is a trusted source of psychiatric information.