Admission to Fellowship

The page provides information about  Admission to Fellowship for trainees.

Partial and Substantial comparability SIMG candidates should see SIMG Admission to Fellowship for more information.

The RANZCP Board approved admission to Fellowship process for all trainees is detailed on the Admission to Fellowship Procedure and a summary is provided below:

  1. Trainees apply for admission to Fellowship using the Application for Admission to Fellowship form [PDF; 320 KB] once all training requirements and assessments are complete.
  2. Trainees must ensure that the Application to Fellowship form and all training requirements have been completed by the closing date for training documents as listed on the Admission to Fellowship Schedule [PDF; 66 KB]. 
  3. At time of application, trainees are required to:
    • ensure all training requirements are complete and documented on the training record
    • pay the Fellowship application fee
    • submit a current copy of their medical registration
    • complete a personal declaration located on the Application for Admission to Fellowship form
    • have their application proposed and seconded by two RANZCP Fellows
    • ensure all College Training fees be paid to be considered for Fellowship. Trainees on an approved payment plan must be up to date with payment.

  4. On receipt of the Application for Admission to Fellowship form, the trainee's record will be audited to ensure that all training requirements have been satisfied. Applications will not proceed if there are any outstanding documentation or fees. This may result in the application being considered at a future admission cycle.

  5. Applications which have satisfied all requirements will be tabled at the Education Committee for ratification. Where a trainee has made a disclosure on their application, the declaration will be reviewed by the Education Committee alongside their Fellowship application.

  6. Following Education Committee ratification, the Membership and Events department will contact the applicant regarding payment of the Fellowship subscriptions (calculated pro-rata).
  7. On receipt of subscriptions, trainee names are submitted to the Board for admission. If the subscriptions are not received by the College in the timeframe provided, the application may be delayed until the next Fellowship admission cycle.
  8. Newly admitted Fellows will receive confirmation of admission from the Membership and Events department shortly after the Board admission dates listed on the Admission to Fellowship Schedule. Fellows can use the FRANZCP post nominals from this point.
  9. Fellowship Certificates will be issued by the College's Membership and Events department.

Relevant documents

. Admission to Fellowship procedure [PDF; 116 KB]

. Application for Admission to Fellowship form [PDF; 320 KB]

. Admission to Fellowship Schedule [PDF; 66 KB]

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