Support projects

The RANZCP has received Australian Government funding under the Specialist Training Program (STP) to deliver the following support projects during 2022:

Supporting Regional, Rural and Remote Training (Scoping Project)

  • The Scoping Project has created a Roadmap for a dedicated and robust Rural Psychiatry Training Pathway. The Roadmap is purpose designed to deliver the RANZCP Fellowship Program in rural locations, with an emphasis on generalist psychiatry, and is intended to maximise training opportunities and increase the availability of rural psychiatrists.  More about the Scoping Project

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pathway Project

  • Initiatives to support the recruitment and retention of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander psychiatry workforce. Deliverables of this important project include: 
    • Facilitating a Trainee Forum for trainees who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, to gain input on how to better attract and support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce in psychiatry. 
    • Delivering a short course (via webinar or workshop) on exploring the various aspects of psychiatry, aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students and junior doctors. 
    • Continuing the RANZCP’s collaborative partnership with the Australian Indigenous Doctors Association (AIDA) with a significant presence at the annual AIDA conference. 

Rural ​Educational Grants

  • Provision of grants available for trainees in STP funded posts (including IRTP, Tasmanian Project and Psychiatry Workforce Program posts) located in regional, rural and remote areas, to access educational programs related to their RANZCP training.
  • To apply, read the Rural Educational Grant guidelines and submit an application form.

Rural Trainee Forums 2022

  • The STP is committed to supporting trainees in regional, rural and remote STP funded posts (including IRTP, Tasmanian Project posts and Psychiatry Workforce Program posts). The RANZCP is pleased to announce it has received funding through the STP to host two Rural Trainee Forums in 2022.
  • The Rural Trainee Forums will be held virtually and will be an opportunity for trainees to come together, network and discuss the challenges of rural training. 
  • The first Rural Trainee Forum was held on Wednesday 13 July 2022 

Navigating Research Resources Webinar

  • The Navigating Research Resources Webinar will assist trainees in completing their Scholarly Project assessment by enhancing their online research skills. Trainees will be guided on how to conduct effective online research by using appropriate search terminology, in combination with Boolean operators and symbols, and sorting the relevance of numerous journal articles and reviews.
  • The webinar is being developed for rurally based trainees in an STP, or Psychiatry Workforce Program (PWP) funded post.
  • Further information and invitations will be circulated shortly. If you have any questions about the webinar, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

In Conversation: on the rural pathway to Fellowship

  • The RANZCP is pleased to announce a new podcast series focused on undertaking psychiatry training in regional, rural, or remote locations. The series, ‘In Conversation: on the rural pathway to Fellowship’ will focus on encapsulating the experiences of STP trainees and Fellows living and working in country Australia. The podcast series will highlight the unique benefits and challenges of rural training.

Ongoing Activities

Orientation Sessions for Trainees

  • The STP Orientation Booklet [PDF; 1.8 MB] has been developed for trainees in STP funded posts and extended to trainees in Psychiatry Workforce Program (PWP) funded posts. The booklet contains information on rotations, placement opportunities, rural loading, and STP funded supports available.
  • Orientation webinars at the commencement of each rotation to provide support to trainees entering an STP funded post (which includes, IRTP and Tasmanian Project posts) and PWP posts. The orientation sessions aim to increase the understanding and awareness of STP and the numerous support projects available.


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