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Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP) Program


The Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP) program is a Commonwealth Government initiative aimed at increasing the number of psychiatry trainees and specialists in rural and regional areas. The objective set by the Commonwealth requires that trainees funded under the IRTP program complete a target of 75% (66% minimum) of their Fellowship training in a rural or regional area (RA2-5).

Training posts funded in the IRTP program differ from the Specialist Training Program (STP) as the funding will ‘follow’ the trainee through multiple rotations at a Health Service. Health services are responsible for liaising with their Branch Training Committee (BTC) to ensure each rotation is appropriately accredited.

There are two types of IRTP posts to facilitate rural and regional health services to participate in the IRTP program.

.IRTP Post Models [PDF; 284 KB].

The specifications of each type of IRTP post are summarised below.

Stage 3

  • Trainees will complete two years of stage 3 specialist training with a health service.
  • Unlike STP posts, the Stage 3 IRTP post will not be bound to a subspecialty. Provided a health service has the appropriate accreditation, training may be done in any subspecialty. This will enable funding to ‘follow’ a Stage 3 trainee through their final two years of specialist training.
  • Health Services must ensure that, regardless of subspecialty, the training represents an additional position. Funding must not be used to ‘backfill’ existing training posts.

Pathway (Stage 1-3)

  • Trainees will complete a target of 75% (66% minimum) of their entire Fellowship training Program with a Health Service.
  • Health Services must demonstrate the capacity, and hold the required accreditations, to deliver the Fellowship training program. Partnerships and secondment arrangements with other Health Services to complement the training provided are encouraged.
  • Where a Health Service cannot provide a mandatory training rotation necessary for the completion of the Fellowship program, a trainee can temporarily relocate to a metropolitan area.


A trainee must meet the relevant eligibility requirements in order to be placed into a Stage 3 or Pathway post.


The salary contribution for an IRTP is $150,000 (ex. GST) per IRTP FTE post per year.  This is an inclusive amount provided for the purposes of trainee salary support, rural support including education and relocation costs, and for private setting and costs associated with supervision as previously made available under STP Posts for rural loading and private settings.


Reporting for the IRTP will align with the current STP reporting calendar.

IRTP Opening Report

All providers of IRTP posts must complete and submit a Progress Report twice a year, along with an invoice for the eligible funds identified in the report.(IRTP).

For any new IRTP post commencing in August 2018, an opening report will be required for the initial reporting period only.

Information regarding the upcoming reports will be available here shortly.