Specialist Training Program (STP) in Psychiatry

The Specialist Training Program (STP) is an Australian Government initiative.

It provides funding to health organisations to support specialist medical training in settings beyond traditional public teaching hospitals, including regional, rural and remote and private facilities.

More about the STP (Department of Health and Aged Care website)

Are you a trainee? Broaden your horizons with an STP post

Unique training posts are available across regional, rural and remote Australia including public and private health facilities, and non-hospital settings such as aged care, community health and Aboriginal Medical Services.

RANZCP Orientation Booklet for the Specialist Training Progam [PDF; 700 KB]

Discover a day in the life of an STP trainee

Taking on leadership roles as a rural psychiatry registrar

Caring for the community in Albany, Western Australia

Opportunities for an exciting work-life balance

Specialist Training Placements and Support (STP posts)

Six-month training rotations at a priority setting.

Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP posts)

Completion of at least two thirds of the Fellowship training program in a rural setting.

Tasmanian Project

Initiative to train more psychiatrists in Tasmania.


Support Projects

Initiatives to support the success and sustainability of STP.

Military and Veteran Psychiatry Training Program

Six-month training rotations at settings specialising in military and veteran mental health.


Psychiatry Workforce Program

Six-month training rotations from rotation 1, 2022 to the end of Rotation 1, 2023.


Rural Director of Training

Initiative to expand opportunities for aspiring psychiatrists to live, train and practice rurally.


Training posts

View the training post directories below to access lists of Government-funded positions.

The Training Post Map shows a snapshot of the geographical distribution of STP, IRTP and Tasmanian posts across Australia.

►Training posts map - enlarged version [JPG; 1 MB] (last updated December 2020)



STP training posts

IRTP training posts

Tasmanian Project training posts

MVPTP training posts


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The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has received Australian Government funding under the Specialist Training Program.