RANZCP Education and Training Reports

Each year the RANZCP compiles a variety of reports, submissions, or studies on the psychiatry training program. For more details, contact education@ranzcp.org and direct your enquiry to the Education and Training Team.



Education Annual Report

The Annual Education Report (previously called Education Activities Report) is the reporting of educational activities at the RANZCP. The report is produced to provide trends in enrolment, training numbers, assessment outcomes, new Fellows, certificates of advanced training, and other topics related to the RANZCP educational outcomes.

Training and Assessment update

The Training and Assessment update is a snapshot overview of data published twice per year to monitor RANZCP educational outcomes during the year to be later included in the Education Annual Report.   

Evaluation Reports 

This is a series of papers that provide information on specific College evaluation activities conducted as part of the continuous quality improvement process implemented in the RANZCP Fellowship program.  

RANZCP Trainee Exit Survey 

The Exit Survey provides the views of Trainees and SIMGs who have completed the Fellowship Program on their learning experiences and perceptions of the training they received. 

Historical Reports 

To request historical documents, please contact education@ranzcp.org

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