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Position statements

RANZCP position statements present the College stance on particular issues.

They are written in consultation with our Membership, consumers, carers and other groups.

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November 2018 | Position statement 52

The RANZCP opposes immigration policies that are detrimental to the mental health of child asylum seekers and refugees.

February 2015 | Position statement 81

Elderly patients with dementia and depression should receive psychosocial interventions in the first instance. Antidepressants should be considered if there is no response.

May 2015 | Position statement 57

Women are at greater risk of developing a mental illness following childbirth than at any other time. 

September 2017 | Position statement 45

Problem gambling has a significant and deleterious impact on vulnerable individuals, families and communities. The basis of any response to problem gambling must be a respect for the person, their behavioural disorder and its treatments.

November 2017 | Position statement 93

Involuntary mental health treatment in custodial settings compromises clinical care, encourages inappropriate management of prisoners, and breaches human rights. 

April 2017 | Position statement 92

Mental health acts define the circumstances where compulsory measures can be taken to treat a person where illness has impaired their capacity to direct their care. Mental health acts in Australia and New Zealand should reflect community expectations. 

May 2017 | Position statement 91

Private health insurance provides alternatives and fulfils a critical function in Australia’s health system. Clearer information will help consumers to make informed decisions in relation to psychiatric care. 

November 2016 | Position statement 90

Persons who are acquitted on insanity grounds, or who are found unfit to stand trial deserve effective, ethical care and management. 

October 2016 | Position statement 89

The use of subpoenas to access clinical records poses a risk to patient-psychiatrist confidentiality. Laws should be reformed to protect confidentiality in mental health care. 

November 2016 | Position statement 87

Excessive alcohol consumption has a detrimental effect on mental health with a well-documented relationship between alcohol misuse and mental health issues.

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