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Position statements

RANZCP position statements present the College stance on particular issues.

They are written in consultation with our Membership, consumers, carers and other groups.

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May 2015 | Position statement 57

Women are at greater risk of developing a mental illness following childbirth than at any other time. 

November 2017 | Position statement 93

Involuntary mental health treatment in custodial settings compromises clinical care, encourages inappropriate management of prisoners, and breaches human rights. 

November 2016 | Position statement 87

Excessive alcohol consumption has a detrimental effect on mental health with a well-documented relationship between alcohol misuse and mental health issues.

March 2016 | Position statement 86

Recovery is an important principle in psychiatry, with transformative potential for all people with mental illness.

November 2013 | Position statement 80

A psychiatrist is a specialist medical doctor who assesses and treats patients with mental health problems. Psychiatrists often work in collaboration with general practitioners and other health professionals to best meet the mental health and emotional needs of patients.

November 2018 | Position statement 79

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is an effective treatment for major depressive disorders. It involves the focal application of a localised, pulsed magnetic field to the cerebral cortex, inducing small electrical currents which stimulate nerve cells.

June 2016 | Position statement 78

This statement covers engagement between the RANZCP as a professional organisation and the pharmaceutical industry. 

October 2016 | Position statement 77

Diagnostic manuals allow clinicians, teachers and researchers to ensure consistency in diagnosis. However, the complexity of patients’ presentations may not always fit neatly into diagnostic categories.

December 2012 | Position statement 76

Carers play an important role in the mental health system and it is important that they are able to access appropriate information, services and support so that they can perform their role. 

March 2019 | Position statement 70

Appropriate reporting in the media can play an important role in preventing suicide and increasing public understanding.


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