Update from the Trainee Advisory Council (TAC) and Bi-national Committee for Trainees (BCT) meetings

The recent meetings of the TAC and BCT have focussed on a new Trainee Engagement Strategy being developed by the TAC and BCT, to accompany and complement the Member Engagement Strategy and the Trainee Communications Strategy. The Trainee Engagement Strategy has been presented to the Membership Engagement Committee (MEC) and has been positively received. 

There are 5 key areas or pillars that the TAC and BCT would like to see addressed over the next 6, 12, 24 and 60 months, with a focus on:

  • education
  • Indigenous and Māori training
  • streamlined efficacious communication
  • voting rights
  • governance of committees to promote transparency.

The TAC provided feedback to the BCT about these strategic priorities, and the BCT have now endorsed the following:

Education, assessments, and training 

Key areas being; WA accreditation – elimination of risk to the current WA training posts, and the need for more formal, regular communication to TAC and BCT on AMC progress and actions. 

Indigenous and Māori training 

Supporting the College to provide cultural competency training, and the wider delivery of cultural education.


Short-term efficacious changes to communication style (e.g. emails, PDFs, booklets [intro to training], newsletters), and medium and long-term development of communication (e.g. changes to InTrain, app development, advocacy involvement).

Voting rights 

The importance of developing a plan for advocacy work in this space, and what this looks like.

Structure of committees 

How do we know the TAC and BCT are effective, and that other committees within the College are being effective in trainee spaces? Governance and transparency are key areas of the TAC and BCT.

TAC unanimously agree that effective orientation to Stage 1 is a known gap, and the BCT was keen on seeing this developed. There will be action moving forward on developing updated orientation modules.

The BCT will meet again in November to monitor and discuss the implementation of these concerns and actions. The BCT will also report directly to the Board in October.


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