How I meet my CPD requirements

Dr Shane Gill

Director of Training in South Australia

I obtained Fellowship in 1991 and am currently Director of Training in SA, with a clinical and research interest in neurostimulation.

Even if CPD was not compulsory, I would maintain my peer review groups, as these are great for obtaining supervision and advice from peers.  I would maintain attendance at CME activities and continue with scholarly work that interests and stimulates me - there is little that I wouldn’t still do.

I attend 2 peer review groups, (one for general psychiatry and one for ECT) which gives me 20 hours of peer review per year.  I also provide second opinions to colleagues and ask for the same from other colleagues.  

The main two activities are accreditation activities under 3.2 and research under 3.3.  My 20 hours of practice improvement so far in 2023 have come from 16 hours of journal peer review and 4 hours of standard setting for the MEQ, with no accreditation activities claimed yet.

The main focus is an activity that leads to improvement in your practice, or in the outcomes of your work, in any of the CANMEDS domains.  Therefore, improvement in scholarly, managerial and professional roles are included, not just medical expert roles.  


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