Changes to clinical exams in 2024

The Clinical Competency Assessment (CCA) has been modified for candidates sitting the exam from April 2024 until October 2025. An additional Stage 3 ITA is required, and the Case-based Discussion has been removed. This assessment will be called the Clinical Competency Assessment – Modified Portfolio Review (CCA-MPR).

The Modified Portfolio Review comprises the review of your three most recent end of rotation In Training Assessments (ITAs) and Observed Clinical Assessments (OCAs).

The CCA-MPR requires:

  • two of the three ITAs are Stage 3, along with their associated Observed Clinical Activities (OCAs)
  • the three ITAs cover a training time of at least 15 months (FTE) duration, nine months of which must be Stage 3 training. 

These changes to increase the level of evidence required from Stage 3 mean that assessors and candidates can be more confident that the standards required for the end of Stage 3 have been met.

Criteria for portfolio review

To be successful in the CCA-MPR, candidates will need to demonstrate the required competency and standards via the portfolio review alone. 

The criteria for demonstrating the standard for ITAs and OCAs will be aligned to the current portfolio review process. Performance in OCAs will be considered holistically across all OCAs to assess progress over time.  

Unsuccessful portfolio reviews

There will be no Case-based Discussion for candidates who are unable to demonstrate the standard required in the portfolio review. 

Candidates who are unsuccessful can re-apply for the CCA-MPR once they have:

  • completed a further 6 months FTE of Stage 3 
  • recorded a Stage 3 ITA (of 6 months FTE duration) with a linked OCA.

Timing of the CCA-MPR assessment

 The CCA will be offered twice a year, in April and September 2024.

Eligibility criteria 

To be eligible for the CCA-MPR, trainees must have:  

  • Completed at least two Stage 3 rotations for a minimum of 9 months FTE.   
  • Have at least two Stage 3 end-of-rotation ITAs (a total of at least 9 months FTE) recorded with the College. 
  • Completed at least three OCAs of which two are from Stage 3.  
  • Completed a total of 15 months FTE of training time of which 9 months FTE must be from Stage 3. 

The three most recent end-of-rotation ITAs and OCAs will be considered. 

For April 2024 enrolment, trainee end-of-rotation ITAs from Rotation 2, 2023 will be considered as one of the three ITAs required. 

For SIMG candidates, the eligibility criteria are as follows: 

  • Completed at least two Stage 3 rotations for a minimum of 12 months FTE. 
  • Have at least two Stage 3 end-of-rotation ITAs (a total of at least 12 months FTE) recorded at the College. 
  • Completed at least two Stage 3 OCAs. 

A SIMG Portfolio Review will involve the three most recent ITAs, however, where three ITAs are not available, two most recent end-of-rotation ITAs may be considered for review.  

For SIMG candidates end of rotation ITAs for the rotation ending on 4 February 2024 will be considered in scope. 

Other requirements for eligibility 

  • Candidates must have a current medical registration. 
  • Trainees must have completed any required ‘Commencement of Targeted Learning’ documentation. 
  • SIMG candidates must be enrolled on the partial comparability pathway and have current comparability status. 

Trainees with a ‘not in training’ status are not eligible to apply for the CCA-MPR. 

More about the CCA-MPR and how to apply

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