Rural psychiatry

The RANZCP recognises that the rural environment is an important and distinctive context for psychiatric practice.

These pages contain information and resources for psychiatrists and trainees practising or considering practising in rural, regional or remote areas, whether a mining settlement, an agricultural centre, an Indigenous community or a beachside town.

Many of these resources have been funded by the Australian Government, so reflect the experience in Australia. However, they may also be useful for psychiatrists and trainees working in New Zealand.


About rural psychiatry

Introductory information for those new to rural psychiatry practice.

Practising psychiatry in rural areas
The practicalities of working as a psychiatrist in a rural area.

Mental health in rural areas
What makes the rural mental health context distinctive.

Delivering mental health care in rural areas
How mental health services are structured, and the roles of health-care workers.

Preparing orientation information for psychiatry trainees [PDF; 2.1 MB]
Designed to help rural health services provide orientation information to psychiatry trainees who are considering or beginning a rotation in a rural area.


Rural psychiatry resources

Section of Rural Psychiatry
The College's dedicated group for anyone with an interest in rural psychiatry.

Telehealth in psychiatry
Information on using telehealth in psychiatric practice.

Rural psychiatry useful links
Online resources on rural psychiatry and mental health.

Support for Rural Specialists in Australia
The SRSA program provides educational opportunities and grants that support continuing professional development (CPD) for specialists in rural and remote locations in Australia.


Online educational resources

For psychiatrists who find it difficult to attend educational events in person.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health
Dedicated information and resources for improving understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health issues.

Rural Training
virtual discussion panel [member log-in required]

Listen as psychiatry registrars discuss relocating to a rural area, work/life balance, cultural awareness, personal safety, social considerations, training, supervision and personal growth.