A new framework for leadership in psychiatry

We are happy to announce that the Victorian Psychiatrist Leadership Framework has just launched. The framework has been created by and for psychiatrists and is tailored to the specific needs and challenges of leading in psychiatry. 

The framework defines leadership in psychiatry while supporting you, the psychiatrist leader to identify, develop and demonstrate the skills, knowledge and behaviours of strong leadership for the benefit of yourself, your people and the individuals and communities you serve.

Victorian Psychiatry Leadership Framework

The framework addresses the interplay and tension between the core elements of leadership in psychiatry that include:

  • you, as a human and leader
  • co-leadership
  • leading within complex systems and 
  • ethical leadership

Explore the Framework and discover a range of resources that have been developed to support you.

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It is intended that the framework will foster a culture of learning through the development of learning activities, paths and programs that are aligned to the unique requirements and challenges for leaders in psychiatry. 

Stay tuned for information about an exciting pilot program that will support the framework in early 2024.

Why is leadership so important for Victorian Psychiatrists?

Hear more about the project from Astha, Raju and Emily.

Developing future leaders

"A leadership framework specifically for psychiatrists through this project is a first of its kind. We all think we know our own leadership styles and expectations others have of us but this Framework allows us to understand that in-depth. There will be more deliverables through this project which we hope will be useful for psychiatrists and psychiatrists-in-training."

Dr Astha Tomar

A framework for the future

"VPLP Framework uses a refreshing human centred perspective to look at leadership- it acknowledges we are all leaders and we are the best leaders when we are the best (human) versions of ourselves and work together."

Dr Raju Lakshmana

A new standard for mental health leadership

"This framework sets a new standard for mental health leadership founded on genuine empathy and active inclusion. It positions psychiatrists and people with lived experiences as equal co-leaders, challenging power imbalances through collaboration. As a consumer and carer, this framework gives me more hope for a future mental health system that is equitable and empathetic for all." 

Emily Unity

The Victorian Psychiatry Leadership Project was funded by the Victorian Department of Health to develop a framework and leadership development program/s that facilitate and support the aspirations of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System Final Report Recommendations. 

The work was led by the Working Group who provided oversight and direction for the project and deliverables. 

The RANZCP Victorian Branch Committee and Board approved the proposed membership of members with a range of experience to provide different perspectives when developing the framework in November 2022 and in September 2023, two RANZCP lived and living experience representatives were added to the Working Group to further broaden the perspectives, experience and expertise of the group. 

  • Dr Simon Stafrace, Chair (September 2023 – current)
  • Dr Raju Lakshmana, Senior Psychiatrist (Chair until August 2023)
  • Dr Phyllis Chua, Senior Psychiatrist and Academic  
  • Dr Nardine Elzahaby, Early Career Psychiatrist  
  • Dr Stuti Jindal Advanced Psychiatry Trainee (Stage 3) 
  • Emily Unity, Lived and Living Experience (Consumer) 
  • Katrina Clarke, Lived and Living Experience (Carer) 

The Working Group took a human centred approach to the project and engaged with a wide range of valued stakeholders, including psychiatrists, those with a lived and living experience and leadership and learning specialists to gather their views and insights to inform the work.


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