Site Coordinator of Training (SCoT) access to InTrain

The College has created a new role in InTrain for SCoTs, and implemented a process for DoTs to grant their SCoTs controlled, limited access to the training records of a restricted list of trainees. The purpose of this is to allow the SCoT to provide more effective support to the trainees at their location. 

A SCoT can only access the specific training records that have been allocated to them by the DoT. The DoT directly manages the list of trainees visible to a SCoT, which is limited to the trainees supported by the SCoT at a given point of time. 

InTrain access for SCoTs is strictly read-only. SCoTs are unable to add, edit or remove any part of a training record. Information is provided as a reference tool only. 

The College has developed a formal agreement, into which each SCoT must enter before access is granted. The agreement ensures information contained in InTrain is used for its intended purpose – that is, to support a RANZCP trainee. 

InTrain gives SCoTs ready access to important information, such as a trainee’s supervisor details or placement dates. It enables SCoTs to track assessments that are due, and to see when the trainees they support have enrolled in upcoming exams. 

In granting access to the relevant components of InTrain, the College is providing SCoTs with the tools to enhance the support you receive as you progress towards Fellowship. 


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