RANZCP to take part in the World Pride 2023 parade

A disproportionate number of Australia and New Zealand’s LGBTIQ+ people experience mental illness and psychological distress. The discrimination and marginalisation experienced by LGBTIQ+ people increases the risk of developing mental health conditions, and also creates barriers to accessing supportive services.

As part of our vision for excellence and equity in the provision of mental healthcare, and as an inclusive, safe and welcoming organisation, the RANZCP is proud to declare our support for LGBTIQ+ mental health.

On Saturday, 25 February the RANZCP will join with many other specialist medical colleges to participate in a special ‘Pride in Medicine’ float, as part of the WorldPride 2023 parade in Sydney.

We are delighted to demonstrate our commitment and support not only for LGBTIQ+ members and psychiatrists, but also for the broader LGBTIQ+ community, as a tangible demonstration of our values and the prioritisation of equity in all that we do.

For further information, our position statement Recognising and addressing the mental health needs of the LGBTIQ+ population provides an overview of issues relevant to mental health care for LGBTIQ+ people in Australia and New Zealand, and makes recommendations for enhancing the mental health sector’s responsiveness to their needs.


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