New RANZCP Review, Reconsideration and Appeal Policy and Procedure

The RANZCP is implementing the Review, Reconsideration and Appeal Policy and Procedure (‘the incoming Policy’), which will replace existing mechanisms and the current Reconsideration and Appeals Policy (‘the current Policy’). 

 Who can access the incoming Policy?

 The incoming Policy will apply to individuals who are dissatisfied with a decision of the RANZCP. 

 This includes all RANZCP Members, candidates on RANZCP the Specialist Pathway to Fellowship, and individuals who are not members or candidates, but who have applied to the RANZCP in relation to a RANZCP policy or procedure.   

How will the incoming Policy operate?

The incoming Policy establishes a new governance structure, with the introduction of the Education Review Committee (ERC) and the Independent Reconsideration Panel (IRP).

For decisions relating to education and training, an individual may request a Review of a decision by the ERC. If they remain dissatisfied with the outcome of a Review, they may submit an application for Reconsideration to the IRP. 

For all other decisions of the RANZCP, individuals should lodge an application for Reconsideration of the decision by the IRP. 

The final step of the incoming Policy for those who remain dissatisfied with the outcome of a Reconsideration, is to apply for an Appeal. Appeal hearings will continue to be heard by the Appeals Committee 

RANZCP Legal Services will support the ERC, IRP and Appeals Committee to perform their functions and assist applicants through the process. 

How will the implementation of the incoming Policy affect current applications?

The RANZCP will make available a number of documents to guide and assist individuals wishing to make an application under the incoming Policy, and how support can be sought from the RANZCP throughout the relevant application process. 

Any decisions of the RANZCP that are subject to review under the current Policy will not be affected by the implementation of the incoming Policy. The RANZCP is currently working with applicants to provide them with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the incoming Policy.  

RANZCP Legal Services is responsible for the implementation of the incoming Policy. Individuals who have current applications, or those considering challenging a decision in the near future may seek further information from Legal Services about how the implementation of the Policy may affect them.  

Why is the RANZCP replacing the current Policy?

The RANZCP is committed to reasonable, transparent, impartial and accountable decision-making, in all its functions. 

Implementation of the incoming Policy will allow the RANZCP to strengthen its internal mechanisms, and provide accountability to its members and other individuals who are subject to RANZCP decisions. 

The College will monitor the implementation of the incoming Policy to ensure that processes are clear and that the criteria underpinning decisions are transparent.  


For further information and any questions in relation to the incoming Policy, please contact RANZCP Legal Services at



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