New CPD guidelines for Australian trainees on prolonged breaks in training

Australian trainees need to nominate an Australian CPD Home and meet the CPD requirements for registration (Registration Standard: Continuing Professional Development). The College will be required to report on Australian trainees’ compliance with CPD obligations. 

Trainees actively participating in the RANZCP Fellowship Program do not have to complete additional CPD as they automatically meet the Medical Board Council of Australia (MBA)’s CPD requirements. Active training is defined as 3 months of training in a calendar year with the submission of an In Training Assessment (ITA). Please note that the ITA does not need to be passed. 

Trainees on a prolonged Break in Training of over nine months duration are required to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to maintain their connection with psychiatry and medicine in general. For trainees, their Specialist medical college is the default CPD Home. 

If you are a trainee currently on a prolonged break, no action is required at this stage. The CPD Team will be contacting you to provide further information and support with what is required.   

If you are planning to go on a break in training that is likely to be 9 months or more, please contact the CPD team for advice at

2023 was a transition year and from early 2024 there will be a specific RANZCP CPD Program for trainees on a Break in Training, including a dedicated Program Guide and webpage, to provide a pathway for trainees to review and further develop their professional practice while on a prolonged interruption to their training. 


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