New Australian Registration Standard for CPD in 2023

The new registration standard, effective from 1 January 2023, requires all medical practitioners to complete a minimum of 50 hours of CPD activities per annum that are related to their scope/area of practice.

Importantly, there are changes to the allocation of hours within the RANZCP program for all members in both Australia and New Zealand:

Section 1: Professional Development Plan (PDP)

The automatic allocation of PDP hours will be reduced from 5 hours to 2 hours and a reference to your scope or area of practice must be included. The hours will be recorded in My CPD after you have reflected on your PDP.

Section 2: Formal Peer Review (“reviewing performance”)

A minimum of 10 hours remains required in Section 2 however the total of Section 2 and 3 must total a combined minimum of 23 hours. 

Section 3: Practice Improvement (includes “measuring outcomes”)

A minimum of 5 hours remains required in Section 3 however the total of Section 2 and 3 must equal a combined minimum of 23 hours.

Section 4: Self-Guided Learning (“educational activities”)

A minimum of 12.5 hours will be required in this category. This Section continues to include a range of activities from journal readings, conferences, webinars, seminars College events, etc. 

Section 5: Additional Hours

An additional 12.5 hours across various CPD activities is required to complete the 50 hours in Section 5 (previously 5 hours)

Section 1


Section 2

Reviewing Performance

Section 3

Measuring Outcomes

Section 4

Educational Activities

Section 5

Additional hours

2 hours

Minimum 10 hours

Minimum 5 hours

12.5 hours

12.5 hours


23 hours in total across both sections.




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