Congratulations to Dr Morrissey

Dr Martin Morrissey will be presented with the Tasmanian Meritorious Service award for his two decades of service to the public sector psychiatry of old age.

Dr Morrissey maintained an older persons mental health service and the psychiatry of old age subspecialty for Tasmania, through many stages, against many challenges, and at times as the only old age psychiatrist. He was central in the development of the Roy Fagan Centre. 

By fostering a culture where patient care was the central and utmost consideration, Dr Morrissey was able to attract, support, and retain psychiatrists in the service and the subspecialty. Thanks to his dedicated efforts, the subspecialty is now well established in Tasmania, and better equipped with a growing cohort of psychiatrists and trainees with skill and knowledge in the area.

Dr Morrissey has also provided years of informal teaching to psychiatry registrars, consultant psychiatrists, and many others, including the former Guardianship and Administration Board, Aged Care Assessment Team, Aged Care Providers, Geriatrician colleagues, and GPs.


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