AMC accreditation progress update

The College is working towards meeting the standards, conditions and recommendations identified in the 2023 Australian Medical Council (AMC) Accreditation Report and submitted a comprehensive report outlining our progress in September 2023

On 30 April 2024, the AMC provided its findings and found that significant progress has been made related to the AMC Standard 1, Context of Training and Education, which has changed status from “does not meet the standard” (2022 report) to “substantially meets” the standard (April 2024). The AMC also determined that two conditions were satisfied:

  • 34, related to the recruitment, selection and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Maori trainees, and 
  • 41 related to policy changes to explicitly state that the Medical Council of New Zealand is notified when there is a risk to the accreditation of a training post.

The College proposed to the AMC that some conditions be consolidated, and certain timelines extended. The AMC agreed to the following changes:

  • Under Standard 1 Context, the amalgamation of conditions 7 and 12 (condition 12 retired) related to cultural safety and commitment to the mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and Māori populations.
  • Under Standard 5 Assessment, the amalgamation of conditions 22 and 35 (ii) (condition 35 (ii) retired) related to change management and project methodologies used by the College.
  • Under Standard 5 Assessment, an extension to the timeline for Condition 27 (related to the review of Entrustable Professional Activities) until 2027.
  • Under Standard 7 Trainees, the amalgamation of conditions 37 and 38 (condition 38 retired) which relate to the pathways for management of concerns and issues.

The launch of the College’s Reconciliation Action Plan at Congress, and the commencement of work on a cultural safety training plan are key developments that demonstrate progress in conditions relating to cultural safety.


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