Refresher and remediation programs

Specialist Refresher Program

The RANZCP offers the Specialist Refresher Program to Fellows
or Affiliates who have taken an extended break from active clinical psychiatric practice (e.g. for reasons of illness, family commitments, or working in another field).

Generally, it is aimed at members who have taken a break of at least 3 years, although members who have taken a shorter break can participate also. The program is designed to return a member's knowledge and skills to a level where they can operate safely and confidently in their practice.

.Specialist Refresher Program Outline [PDF; 224 KB]
.Specialist Refresher Program Application form [Word file; 72 KB]

.Specialist Refresher Program Mentoring Learning Agreement [Word file; 103 KB]

Please note:

Specialist Performance Remediation Program

The Specialist Performance Remediation Program is designed to assist Fellows or Affiliates who have been identified by regulatory authorities or Fellows/Affiliates as requiring remediation to meet the standards expected by the College. 

.Specialist Performance Remediation Program Outline [PDF; 130 KB]
.Specialist Performance Remediation Program Application form  [Word file; 110 KB]
.Specialist Performance Remediation Program Policy  [PDF; 192 KB]

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