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PIF Essay Competition

Held annually, the PIF Essay Competition allows eligible PIF members to explore and discuss a specified topic on psychiatry and/or mental health.

Essay entries are limited to 1000-1500 words and judged by an assessment panel of RANZCP members according to clarity of expression and logical presentation of argument, along with demonstrated evidence and originality.

The winning essay receives A$1000 and is published in Australasian Psychiatry, with 2nd and 3rd place receiving A$500 and A$250 respectively.

The 2020 PIF Essay Competition will open later this year.

Read the winning essays

2019 topic: The more we understand mental health, the more we diagnose mental illness

First place: Carrie (Yifan) Zhang

Second place: Olivia Leyden

Third place: Koshy Mathew

2018 topic: Discuss the potential benefits and harms of compulsory treatment in psychiatry

First place: Benjamin Tassie

Second place: Christopher Lemon

Third place: Samuel Tan

2017 topic: Doctors’ mental health is more important now than it has ever been

First place: Eliza Mason 

Second place: Kuhan Perumynar

Third place: Akhil Bansal

2016 topic: Discuss the portrayal of psychiatry in popular culture: harmful or helpful?

First place: Benjamin Vialle

Second place (tied): Ceren Guler & Calina Ouliaris

2015 topic: Psychiatry: Art, science, both or neither?

First place: Benjamin Vialle

Second place: Asiel Adan Sanchez

Third place (tied): Christopher Lemon & Oluwatobi Martins

2014 topic: It can be challenging for a doctor to be a patient

First place: Shadi El-Wahsh

Second place: Oluwatobi Martins

Third place: Sophie Gascoigne-Cohen 


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