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For students and graduates

Welcome to the RANZCP's student and graduate pages

These pages have been designed to provide medical students and prevocational doctors with information about psychiatry, how it’s practiced and about pathways to becoming a psychiatrist.

We hope you find this a useful resource on psychiatry and some of the issues surrounding the specialty.

Working as a psychiatrist
The many career options available to psychiatrists – where they work and subspecialty areas of interest.

Why choose psychiatry as a career?
What draws people to become psychiatrists, and what a career in psychiatry could offer you.

Pathway to Fellowship
About the psychiatry training program: applying for and undertaking the program.

Making the most of your psychiatry rotation
Eight ways to ensure your psychiatry rotation is a rewarding experience.

Tips for teaching rotations
Ideas on effective and engaging teaching methods for registrars.

Psychiatry Interest Forum
Join the RANZCP's group for students and medical practitioners with an interest in psychiatry and mental health. Registration is free.

About psychiatry
About psychiatry, psychiatrists, and how they treat mental illness.

About the College
Find out more about the role of the RANZCP.

Psychiatrists talk about their work
Video: A diverse range of psychiatrists talk about why they chose to go into psychiatry as a specialty, and why they're passionate about their work.