Partial Comparability Placement

The Partial Comparability Placement is one of the ways in which specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs) can work towards Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP). 

In 2015, the assessment requirements for the Partial Comparability Placement started the process of change to align with the 2012 Fellowship Program for RANZCP trainees. From 2016 onwards, the 2012 Fellowship Program regulations apply to all SIMG candidates who are assessed as Partially Comparable. They will be required to successfully complete a minimum of 24 months full-time equivalent (FTE) time on the Specialist Pathway, which involves the completion of a series of workplace-based assessments and centrally administered summative assessments, for attainment of RANZCP Fellowship.

The most significant change is that the Modified Observed Clinical Interview (MOCI) exam, which is no longer part of the program and has been replaced with workplace-based assessments.

The placement involves a 2 year modified training program with exemptions or additions to specific areas of training where appropriate. All SIMG candidates on this placement are required to do the Essay Style written exam, the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and workplace based assessments. Any other additional requirements are dependent on the specialist assessment outcome of each applicant.

Candidates who are assessed as partially comparable are advised to be familiar with the policy on:

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must meet the conditions below in addition to the eligibility criteria stated on the Applying for specialist assessment page in order to be eligible for a Partial Comparability Placement.

Applicants must:

  • provide confirmation of employment as a psychiatrist within Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand for the required placement period, plus a position description 
  • hold current medical registration in Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand or be registered at the time of starting the placement
  • be employed for at least 0.5 full-time equivalent (FTE) in a suitable position
  • have a statement of employer support for the full placement period and for all required 2012 Fellowship Program workplace-based assessments
  • have nominated a supervisor who holds current accreditation as a RANZCP Supervisor at the time of starting the placement.

Application and assessment

Refer to the Applying for specialist assessment page for further information on the application and assessment process for the Partial Comparability Placement.

After a specialist assessment is conducted, the applicant (who has been assessed as Partially Comparable) will be notified of the exact training and experience requirements that are required to be completed. These training requirements will vary for each applicant, and will depend on the applicant's training and experience as compared with RANZCP training standards.

Partial Comparability Placement candidates are granted two (2) years comparability status to complete the training and assessment requirements for this placement to be eligible for Fellowship of the RANZCP. Any extensions beyond 24 months FTE will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Committee for Specialist International Medical Graduate Education (CSIMGE). The absolute maximum time on this pathway will be four (4) years.

Once approved, candidates will be given one (1) year from the date of the final outcome letter to enter the country, obtain registration and start their job and the placement. If for some reason there are unforeseen delays in doing this, the candidate must apply in writing to the CSIMGE for and extension to their start date.

.Refer to the Maintenance of comparability status policy (section 4) for further information about delays in commencing the program.

Candidates can start the Partial Comparability Placement at any time during the year as there are no cohort or rotation start dates. They must notify College staff of their start date and provide a copy of their AHPRA registration certificate via

Placement requirements

After specialist assessment and when the candidate starts the job, the following mandatory assessments need to be completed under the 2012 Fellowship Program.

  • four (4) formative Observed Clinical Activities (OCAs)
  • eight (8) summative Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) from Stage 3; three of these EPAs must be from a prescribed EPA list for SIMG candidates.
  • four (4) summative end of six (6) month period In Training Assessment (ITA) Reports
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
  • Essay style written exam
  • Psychotherapy – three (3) patients for at least six (6) sessions each (Stage 3 requirement)
  • Leadership and Management training (Stage 3 requirement)
  • Indigenous experience
  • Any additional gaps in training and experience as identified by the state assessment panel assessment and interview that will be detailed in the final outcome letter requirements.

The total time that SIMG candidates spend on the Specialist Pathway will be divided into six (6) month FTE periods. During each six (6)-month FTE period, SIMG candidates will be required to successfully complete at least one (1) OCA, two (2) EPAs and one (1) ITA in accordance with the requirements for Stage 3 trainees.

SIMG candidates are required to meet their Fellowship requirements at the end of each 6 month  period by completing the full 6 months FTE time at the workplace and by submitting the following assessment forms within 30 days of the end of the 6 month period:

  • 2 confirmation of entrustment forms for each of the 2 EPAs completed.
  • 1 OCA form
  • 1 end-of-rotation ITA form

Assessment forms

A full list of the Training program forms can be found on the 2012 Fellowship program pages and are the same forms used for trainees and SIMG candidates.

The most frequently used forms SIMGs will need are:

Please also refer to the 2012 Fellowship Program pages for further details about these requirements.

OSCE and written exams

  • Application forms can be found in the Assessments page [member login required].

Area of Need positions

Applicants who are assessed as Partially Comparable are not eligible to apply for an Area of Need/Specialist level position. 

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