Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE)

The Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) is a practical clinical exam. It is a summative assessment of the RANZCP Fellowship Program.

The exam assesses clinical competencies across a range of psychiatric practice areas. The exam is set at the standard expected at the end of Stage 3 of the training program. 

Upcoming assessments

OSCE Alternative Assessment Pathway 

For candidates previously enrolled in the November 2021 AVOSCE.

Alternative Assessment Pathway - OSCE


March 2022 OSCE

March 2022 OSCE


Past assessments

November 2021 AVOSCE

Reference materials and information from the November exam

Blueprint descriptors and station coverage

The stations are mapped to the OSCE Blueprint Descriptors, areas of practice accredited for the Fellowship Program and to the CanMEDS roles and Fellowship Competencies.

The Blueprint descriptors cover eight disorder groups and three skills areas relevant to the practice of psychiatry:

  • anxiety disorders
  • child and adolescent disorders
  • medical disorders in psychiatry
  • mood disorders
  • personality disorders
  • psychotic disorders
  • substance use disorders
  • other disorders (e.g. neuropsychiatric, sex, sleep, somatoform, eating, etc.)
  • clinical assessment skills
  • governance skills
  • other skills (e.g., ethics, consent, capacity, collaboration, advocacy, indigenous, rural, etc.)​

An OSCE will have a mood disorder, psychotic disorder, anxiety disorder, medicine in psychiatry, core skills and other disorder station. The Core Skills station will focus on testing core clinical assessment skills, including formulation and management planning.

Previous OSCE stations

Previous stations are available to review in preparation for the exam



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