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Decoupling of the Essay-style exam

The Critical Essay Question (CEQ) and Modified Essay Questions (MEQ) components of the Essay-style exam will be assessed separately from August 2021.

Candidates will need to pass both components to progress through the Fellowship Pathway.

► March Communique – Decoupled Essay Examinations [PDF; 223 KB]​
► Decoupling the Essay-style examination - update from the Education Committee, December 2020

Independent review of RANZCP examinations

21 December 2020

► The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) has conducted an independent review of the RANZCP's examinations and associated processes.

Trainees in the RANZCP Fellowship Program must successfully complete all the following College-administered assessments to obtain Fellowship.

Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) assessed as Partially Comparable must successfully complete some of these College-administered assessments.

.Requirements of the Partial Comparability Placement

 Trainees and SIMGs must also complete assessments in their workplace.

.Assessments - workplace

Assessment Description Type Timing
MCQ Exam Multiple-choice computer-based exam Summative assessment Recommended for Stage 2. Should be passed by 36 months FTE training. 
Essay-style Exam Paper-based written exam Summative assessment

Recommended for Stage 3. Should be passed by 60 months FTE training. 

OSCE Practical clinical exam Summative assessment Recommended for Stage 3. Should be passed by 60 months FTE training. 
Psychotherapy Written Case One long psychotherapy intervention, with a written case report Summative assessment Should be passed by 60 months FTE training. 
Scholarly Project Original research in an area relevant to psychiatry Summative assessment Plan the project early in training. Should be passed by 60 months FTE training.


Formative assessments are part of the training process – they provide information that indicates how a candidate is progressing and feedback into training delivery.

Summative assessments are intended to evaluate a candidate's knowledge and skills after delivery of training.

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