Webinar and event recordings

This page provides you with access to recordings and presentation materials from past RANZCP events, conferences and webinars.

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In conversation with Christine Morgan

National Mental Health Commissioner Christine Morgan and RANZCP President Vinay Lakra in conversation.
16 November 2021
Christine Morgan and Associate Professor Vinay Lakra

The RANZCP Section of Philosophy and the Humanities (SoPH) Virtual Meeting

The RANZCP Section of Philosophy and the Humanities (SoPH) Virtual Meeting
12 November 2021

Gender Dysphoria and Eating Disorders

Understanding and improving care of transgender individuals with eating disorders
19 October 2021
Anne Marie O’Melia, MS, MD, FAAP

Vascular neurodegeneration and frontal networks disconnection

Vic SON Neuropsychiatry Seminars 2021
05 October 2021
Professor Amy Brodtmann

Treatment of depression in young people

15 September 2021
Presenter: Dr Iain Macmillan Panellists: Professor Michael Berk Laura Smith Dr Aswin Ratheesh

2021 PIF Introduction to Psychiatry Short Course #1

04 September 2021
A/Prof Ruth Vine, Dr Elizabeth Moore, Dr Matthew Kang, Dr Mary Frost, Dr Matthias Regner, Dr Sidney Cabral

ADHD Network Grand Round Case Presentation

A case of ADHD
01 September 2021
Dr Charles Chan

Seizures and Snowflakes

Vic SON Neuropsychiatry Seminars 2021
31 August 2021
Professor Harry McConnell MD FRCPC

Rethinking criminal responsibility

Emerging perspectives in mental health. A joint event by the RANZCP Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry (Vic) and the ANZPPL (Vic).
07 August 2021
Rajan Darjee, The Hon. Justice Chris Maxwell AC, Jamie Wavlisch, Kate Seear, Yolisha Singh, Michael Proeve, Nick Blagden

ADHD Network Grand Round Case Presentation

04 August 2021
Dr Peter Heffernan

RANZCP Mentoring Program

Introductory workshop webinar
26 July 2021
Sam Dipnall, Rikki Boelen

Horticulture and Health in Indigenous settings

NT Branch Travelling Scholar
16 July 2021
Professor Ernest Hunter

Let's not forget about dementia: assessment and management of mild cognitive impairment and dementia

Australian Capital Territory Branch Travelling Scholar
17 June 2021
Professor Gerard Byrne

Innovative therapeutics for depression

RANZCP Foundation webinar
15 June 2021
Professor Michael Berk. Chair: Professor Mal Hopwood

Younger-Onset Dementia for Psychiatrists

VIC SON Neuropsychiatry Seminars 2021
15 June 2021
Dr Samantha Loi

Tough times for Australians with severe mental illness. Is hope on the way?

Plenary keynote at RANZCP Congress 2021
19 May 2021
Professor David Copolov

Autoimmune encephalitis: how should we screen, diagnose, and treat?

VIC SON Neuropsychiatry Seminars 2021
11 May 2021
Dr Nicole Warren

Vic SON Neuropsychiatry Seminars 2021

The Neurological Examination
06 April 2021
Associate Professor Andrew Evans

Victorian Branch Member Forum on the Royal Commission Final Report

Vic Branch
29 March 2021
Dr Raju Lakshmana, Dr Kerryn Rubin, Dr Liam O'Connor, Dr Shalini Arunogiri, Dr Maria Tsanglis, Dr Astha Tomar. Chair: Dr Kerryn Rubin.

SA Branch 2021 Conference Sunday presentations

28 March 2021
Various presenters

SA Branch 2021 Conference Saturday presentations

27 March 2021
Various presenters

Hormones and Womens’ Health

Member Education E-Sessions
24 March 2021
Professor Jayashri Kulkarni. Chair: Professor Megan Galbally

Personality disorder ain’t what it used to be…

Member Education E-Sessions
04 March 2021
Professor Andrew Chanen. Chair: Professor Cherrie Galletly

Case based discussions in Anxiety

Member Education E-Sessions
04 March 2021
Associate Professor Lisa Lampe. Chair: Dr Nick O'Connor

A case of ADHD in adulthood

ADHD Network Grand Round Case Presentation
03 March 2021
Dr Jossy Antony

Clinical update: Psychiatric Psychotherapy in public and private sectors

Member Education E-Sessions
24 February 2021
Associate Professor Paul Cammell. Chair: Dr Michael Daubney

A Curate's Egg: The Productivity Commission Report on Mental Health

RANZCP Victorian FFP
21 February 2021
Dr Michael Epstein

Guidelines are challenging for everyone: a critical discussion with the authors of the RANZCP Mood Disorders Guidelines

Member Education E-Sessions
09 February 2021
Professor Gin Malhi, Dr Bill Lyndon, Dr Darryl Bassett, Professor Greg Murray, Professor Phil Boyce, Doctoral Researcher Erica Bell. Chair: Dr Elizabeth Moore

A case of ADHD

ADHD Network Grand Round Case Presentation
03 February 2021
Dr Anna Lee

A concise update on comorbidity in mental disorders

02 February 2021
Professor John McGrath

A morning with Professor Glen Gabbard, Houston Texas USA

Psychotherapy in the COVID Era
19 December 2020
Professor Glen Gabbard

The Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health explained

Member webinar
10 December 2020
Professor Harvey Whiteford. Chair: Associate Professor John Allan

RANZCP NDIS update for Psychiatrists

Member webinar
02 December 2020
Professor Valsamma Eapen, Dr Gerry Naughtin and Peter De Natris

Addressing Myths About Psychiatry

PIF Webinar
01 December 2020
A/Prof David Menkes & Dr Charlotte Campbell

Forensic psychiatry and court diversion

NSW Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry
30 November 2020
Professor David Greenberg. Chair: Dr Calm Smith


VIC Branch Travelling Scholar Session 2
26 November 2020
Professor Colleen Loo


VIC Branch Travelling Scholar Session 1
25 November 2020
Professor Colleen Loo

Risk assessment for intimate partner violence: how can the police assess risk?

Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry web series
19 November 2020
Professor Mark Kebbell

What do forensic psychiatrists need to know about sexual homicide?

Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry web series
12 November 2020
Dr Rajan Darjee

Fixated threat assessment in Australasia

Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry web series
10 November 2020
Dr Justin Barry-Walsh

SA Electroconvulsive therapy skills training workshop 2020

05 November 2020

Falling into research as an early career psychiatrist

VIC Branch and Section of Early Career Psychiatrists
29 October 2020
Samantha Loi, Eleanor Curran, Rahul Khanna and Eddie Mullen

The mother, the infant and the mother-infant relationship

ACT Travelling Scholar
29 October 2020
Professor Megan Galbally

How to loose Fiends and Alienate People: Lessons from Youth Justice

RANZCP Victorian FFP
27 October 2020
Dr James Belshaw

Adult ADHD and developmental disorders

Faculty of Adult Psychiatry 2020 Virtual Conference
23 October 2020
Dr Peter Heffernan and Professor Julian Trollor. Chair: Dr Georgina Weir

Adult Psychiatry Virtual Conference

Materials presented at the conference
23 October 2020
Dr Sue Waite

NSW Advocacy skills workshop: government relations

20 October 2020
Dr Paula McLorinan, Dr Katie Brooker, Dr Cathy Franklin and Dr James McAuliffe.

2020 PIF Short Course #2: Introduction to psychiatry

10 October 2020
Dr Abigail Lane, Dr Emma Adams, Dr Albert Matti, Dr Gunvant Patel and Dr Michelle Adams

COVID-19, healthcare providers and mental health

Member webinar
09 October 2020
Professor Brett McDermott

Doctor, Doctor - A typical presentation of the atypical

ADHD Network Grand Round Case Presentation
07 October 2020
Dr Gordana Jovanova

Physician wellness in the era of COVID-19

Member webinar
30 September 2020
Dr Michael Myers

Mental health and the Global Burden of Disease studies

South Australian Branch Barton Pope lecture 2020
28 September 2020
Professor Harvey Whiteford

Psychiatry training in the time of COVID-19

Victorian Branch COVID-19 Member support webinar series
03 September 2020
Dr Lee Allen with a range of panelists from the Victorian Branch

Supporting each other

Victorian Branch COVID-19 Member support webinar series
27 August 2020
Dr Astha Tomar with a range of panellists from Victoria and Queensland

Checking in with each other

Victorian Branch COVID-19 member support webinar series
27 August 2020
Dr Astha Tomar with a range of panellists

2020 PIF Short Course #1: Rural & Regional Psychiatry

08 August 2020
A/Prof Mathew Coleman, A/Prof Phillip Tune, Dr Jessica King, Dr Therese Grotowski, and Dr Derek Chong

Reframing family violence responsiveness in mental health

Thinking differently: reframing family violence responsiveness in mental health and addictions context
07 August 2020
Dr Jackie Short

Autism in clinical practice

Member Education E-sessions
29 July 2020
Dr Paula McLorinan, Dr Katie Brooker, Dr Cathy Franklin, Dr James McAuliffe. Chair: Dr Cathy Franklin

Family violence, entrapment, trauma and mental health

Critical issues for psychiatric practice
24 July 2020
Dr Carole Warshaw MD, Dr Manjula O’Connor. Chair: Dr. Prue McEvoy

RANZCP 2020 Mentoring Program – Mentoring Workshop

This webinar will provide you with the tools and information to set your mentoring partnership up for success.
22 July 2020
Sam Dipnall, Manager Membership Development at RANZCP. Guest speakers: Dr Rob Moyle and Dr Fahd Malik

Asylum Seeker and Refugee Mental Health Network Webinar

Facing the challenges of working in asylum seeker and refugee mental health
20 July 2020
Dr Beth O'Connor, Dr Sue Lutton, Prof Louise Newman, Dr Jonathan Jureidini and Dr Peter Young. Chair: Dr Kym Jenkins

Emerging treatments clinical update

Member education e-sessions
08 July 2020
Professor Iain McGregor. Chair: Associate Professor Dan Siskind

In conversation with Ruth Vine

Member webinar
07 July 2020
Dr Ruth Vine, Associate Professor John Allan. Chair: Dr Vinay Lakra

Re-appraising the role of rehabilitation in psychiatry

Member education e-sessions
01 July 2020
Professor Carol Harvey. Chair: Dr Darryl Watson

Update from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

Member education e-sessions
29 June 2020
Associate Professor Steve Macfarlane

Recognising and managing ADHD in a mental health setting

Why is Phillip such a fidget and Johnny an air head?
18 June 2020
Professor David Coghill. Chair: Dr Daniel Pellen

Infanticide and Child Abuse: Who and Why?

Presented by the Victorian Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry
16 June 2020
Professor Anne Buist

Eating disorders in the 21st century

Member education e-sessions
11 June 2020
Professor Phillipa Hay. Chair: Associate Professor Sloane Madden

OCD: Mechanisms and management

Member education e-sessions
02 June 2020
Dr Iain Perkes, Professor Vlasios Brakoulias, Dr John Lam-Po-Tang, Professor Leonardo Fontenelle. Chair: Dr David Castle

Electronic prescribing in Australia

Member webinar
07 May 2020
Presenters: Vandana Chandnani and Brian Spooner. Chair: Dr Joe Varghese

Implementing practical telehealth in psychiatry

Member webinar
22 April 2020
Professor Richard Harvey and Dr Cybele Dey

COVID-19 economic stimulus package

Member webinar
21 April 2020
Andrew Sykes, Director of Business Advisory at RSM

Section of Youth Mental Health 2020 Conference

Coming of age
06 March 2020

Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology 2019 Conference

8th Annual Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology Conference
15 November 2019

Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age 2019 Conference

Finding your way in the wilderness - Interfaces and ecosystems
07 November 2019

2019 Sydney Introduction to Psychiatry short course

Panel Q&A and presentations
12 October 2019
Various presenters

Faculty of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry 2019 Conference

Sex, Death and Change
22 September 2019

Section of Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry 2019 Conference

From naughty children to stranger things
16 August 2019

Why hasn't the mental health of Australians improved?

CME Presentation organised by Tasmanian Branch
24 July 2019
Professor Anthony Jorm

Management of insomnia

CME presentation organised by Tasmanian Branch
08 May 2019
Dr David Cunnington

Has the categorical approach to diagnosis in psychiatry had its day?

CME presentation organised by Tasmanian Branch
10 April 2019
Professor Bruce Tonge

Section of Social and Cultural Psychiatry 2019 Conference

Collaborating Towards Better Outcomes for the Disadvantaged
29 March 2019

Social cognition and functional outcome in psychosis care

Negotiating the social world
20 March 2019
Dr Frances Dark

Section of Youth Mental Health 2019 Conference

Youth and mental health: minding the gap
15 March 2019

Re-discovering the moral agency of persons with disabilities

My life, my way: dilemmas, tensions and global law reform trends
20 February 2019
Professor Gerard Quinn

Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health - NSW Branch Forum

18 February 2019
Professor Ian Hickie, Dr Kym Jenkins, Dr Angelo Virgona, Dr Murray Wright, Dr Nick O'Connor, Catherine Lourey, Carmel Tebutt, Martin Cohen

Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age and Asian Society Against Dementia Conference 2018

Ageing in the Asian Century: New Answers to Old Questions
07 November 2018