Guidelines and resources for practice

The RANZCP produces guidance to help psychiatrists and other mental health professionals in their work. 

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Clinical practice guidelines

The RANZCP has produced the following clinical practice guidelines: 

Anxiety disorders

Deliberate self-harm

Eating disorders

Mood disorders


Other guidelines and resources by topic


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health - acknowledging the Stolen Generations

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health - principles and guidelines [PDF; 65 KB]

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health - RANZCP apology for the role played by psychiatrists in the Stolen Generations

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health workers

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples - recognition in the Australian Constitution

ADHD in adults

ADHD in childhood and adolescence 

Alcohol policy [PDF; 65 KB]

Alcohol related harm - reducing and recognising

Antidepressants for children and adolescents [PDF; 65 KB]

Antidepressants to treat depression in dementia

Anxiety disorders

Asylum seeker and refugee health [Endorsed external guidance]

Asylum seekers and refugees - mental health needs of children 

Asylum seekers and refugees - provision of mental health services

Audio-visual recording in psychiatric practice [PDF; 179 KB]


Benzodiazepines - guidance for use in psychiatric practice [PDF; 65 KB]


Carers - supporting them in the mental health system

Cannabis - therapeutic use of medicinal cannabis [PDF; 65 KB]

Child and adolescent psychiatrists - their role

Child sexual abuse

Children and adolescents - psychotropic medication use [PDF; 65 KB]

Children in out-of-home care

Children of parents with mental illness

Cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine - deprescribing [Endorsed external guidance]

Community mental health services

Consumer, family/whānau and carer engagement

COVID-19 - administration of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) during the pandemic [PDF; 65 KB]

COVID-19 - administration of rTMS therapy during the pandemic [PDF; 65 KB]

COVID-19 - clinical information and advice during the pandemic 


Deep brain stimulation [PDF; 65 KB]

Deep sleep therapy

Dementia [Endorsed external guidance]

Dementia - antipsychotic medications as a treatment of behavioural and psychological symptoms in dementia [PDF; 65 KB]

Dementia - behavioural and psychological symptoms of (BPSD) [Endorsed external guidance]

Diagnostic manuals

Direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals

Eating disorders

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) - guidelines for the administration of

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) - position statement

Electronic monitoring of people utilising forensic mental health services

Endorsing external or third-party clinical guidance [PDF; 65 KB]

Ethics - RANZCP code [PDF; 65 KB]


Family and whānau involvement in mental health consumers/tangata whai ora in care, assessment and treatment processes [Endorsed external guidance]

Family court proceedings [PDF; 65 KB]

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) [Endorsed external guidance]

Financial interests in treatment or management facilities - ethics for RANZCP members [PDF; 65 KB]


Gambling - problem gambling position statement

GPs and psychiatrists: best practice guidelines for referral and communication [PDF; 65 KB]



Hepatitis C [PDF; 65 KB]

HIV/AIDs and mental health


Illicit drug policy [PDF; 65 KB]

Immigration detention centres in Australia - guidance for psychiatrists working in these centres [PDF; 65 KB]



Ketamine for treatment-resistant depression [PDF; 65 KB]


LGBTIQ+ mental health needs

Lived experience - psychiatrists with personal experience of mental illness 


Media and digital technology - impact on children and adolescents

Medicare benefits for training in psychotherapeutic techniques [PDF; 65 KB]

Medicare Benefits Schedule - Opinion and report (MBS item 291)

Medico-legal report writers in New Zealand - access and use of clinical information [PDF; 65 KB]

Medico-legal settings - developing reports and conducting independent examinations [PDF; 65 KB]

Mental health legislation - comparing Mental Health Acts across Australia and New Zealand

Mental health services

Methamphetamine use - recognising and addressing the harmful mental health impacts

Mood disorders

Mothers, babies and psychiatric inpatient treatment


National codes and standards relevant to psychiatry practice and mental health services in Australia and New Zealand [PDF; 65 KB]

Natural disasters and climate-change-related weather events - addressing mental health impacts

NDIS for psychiatrists

Neurosurgery for mental disorders

NHMRC Australian Clinical Guidelines Portal [Endorsed external guidance]


Off-label prescribing in psychiatry [PDF; 65 KB]

Older people - psychiatry services for

Opioid policy - improving management of chronic non-malignant pain [Endorsed external guidance]



Pain Management (Acute): Scientific Evidence 5th edition [Endorsed external guidance]

Past mental health practices - acknowledging and learning from

Persons found not criminally responsible or unfit to stand trial

Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry - ethical principles in relationship to psychiatrists [PDF; 65 KB]

Pharmaceutical industry - principles for RANZCP engagement

Pharmacogenetics in healthcare [Endorsed external guidance]

Physical health of people with mental illness

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Prevention and early intervention of mental illness in infants, children and adolescents

Private health insurance policies for psychiatric care in Australia

Private psychiatric practice - information about setting up, managing and closing a practice [Member sign-in required]

Psychedelic substances - therapeutic use of [PDF; 65 KB]

Psychiatrists as team members

Psychosis - see schizophrenia clinical practice guideline 

Psychotherapy conducted by psychiatrists


Recovery and the psychiatrist 

Referral communication between psychiatrists and GPs - best practice

Referred patient assessment and management guidelines  [PDF; 65 KB]

Religion and spirituality in psychiatric practice

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) - guidelines for the administration of [PDF; 65 KB]

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) - position statement

Reports and independent medical examinations in medico-legal settings [PDF; 65 KB]

Repressed traumatic memories [PDF; 65 KB]

Role and relationships of psychiatrists and other service providers in mental health services

Role of psychiatrists in the prevention and early intervention of mental illness in infants, children and adolescents

Role of the psychiatrist in Australia and New Zealand

Rural psychiatry 



Seclusion and restraint - minimising the use of in people with mental illness

Sedation and/or analgesia for diagnostic and interventional medical, dental or surgical procedures [Endorsed external guidance]

Sedation for acute behavioural disturbance [Endorsed external guidance]


Sexual boundary violations - zero tolerance policy [PDF; 65 KB]

Sexual orientation change efforts

Social anxiety disorder

Social media and online presence for psychiatrists

Stimulant medications in adults [PDF; 65 KB]

Stolen generations - position statement

Suicide - coping with patient suicide as a supervisor [PDF; 200 KB]

Suicide - coping with patient suicide while in training [PDF; 120 KB]

Suicide reporting in the media

Smoking cessation [Endorsed external guidance]


Telehealth in psychiatry

Tobacco policy [PDF; 65 KB]

Torture and other inhuman treatment - abolition of

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) [PDF; 65 KB]


Voluntary assisted dying


WPA Position Statement on Implementing Alternatives to Coercion: A Key Component of improving mental health [Endorsed external guidance]

Workforce - child and adolescent psychiatry [PDF; 65 KB]

Workforce - specialist old age psychiatry




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