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10 October 2023
Investment needed to turn mental health workforce plan into reality, say psychiatrists

We welcome the release of the National Mental Health Workforce Strategy and call for urgent investme...

05 October 2023
Psychiatrists raise alarm over new ABS findings on mental health disorders, call for more hands on deck

The RANZCP are calling for immediate action to combat Australia’s severe psychiatry workforce shorta...

19 September 2023
Aotearoa’s mental health system no longer fit for purpose, new study of over 500 physicians shows

‘Soul destroying’: Aotearoa’s mental health system no longer fit for purpose and delivering substand...

14 September 2023
RANZCP calls National Party to match Labour’s focus on the health crisis ahead of October election

The mental health system is under-delivering for New Zealanders.

14 September 2023
South Australian psychiatrists call for urgent investment in rural workforce

Funding for 12 additional psychiatrists would immediately improve the community's access to mental h...

31 August 2023
Changes to health services are a promising start, but more needs to be done: Response to WA Health System Governance Review

Without integrated services there’s a risk West Australians will continue to fall through the gaps.

29 June 2023
$27.5m investment a critical boost for psychiatry workforce: RANZCP

The RANZCP welcomes the Federal Government’s $27.5 million investment in Australia’s psychiatry work...

23 June 2023
Psychiatrists emphasise “safety first” in guidance for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

The RANZCP has released the first in a series of guidance documents for psychiatrists treating peopl...

01 June 2023
RANZCP supports the ‘YES’ campaign for Voice to Parliament

The RANZCP is backing the ‘YES’ campaign to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples ...

31 May 2023
Psychiatrists welcome new President at annual Congress

Dr Elizabeth Moore is the new RANZCP President.

25 May 2023
Victoria’s most vulnerable public mental health patients overlooked in State Budget

There is a disappointing lack of investment in frontline services for public mental health patients.

15 May 2023
WA psychiatrists welcome increase to mental health investment

WA psychiatrists have welcomed the $420 million investment in the state’s mental health.