Zero tolerance policy on proven sexual boundary violations

Ethical Guideline 12: Zero tolerance policy on proven sexual boundary violations (EG12) sets out College’s position on proven sexual boundary violations. The policy remains unchanged but has been recently updated to provide clarity and define terminology.

As the policy has significant implications for members, the College Board referred the question of access to continuing professional development (CPD) for people with proven sexual boundary violations to a Steering Group for advice. The Steering Group provided its final report recommending that the College’s current policy remain in place. The Board accepted the report and EG12 reflects this decision. 

The policy confirms that practitioners with proven sexual boundary violations are not eligible to apply to access the College’s CPD program and, by association, cannot use the College as a CPD home or access services such as remediation.

The decision to retain the policy is supported by College committees and the Board given the vulnerabilities of people receiving psychiatric care, the significant risk of recidivism, and the ultimate need to protect patients and the moral integrity of the College. 

The College has liaised with the Medical Board of Australia and the Medical Council of New Zealand so that they are aware of the impact of retaining the policy on CPD requirements to maintain registration whilst the College is the only accredited CPD provider. 

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