Insights from Dr Bahman Zarrabi on meeting CPD requirements

At the beginning of the year, I usually check the updated version of the CPD guide. It gives me up-to-date information about the changes and provides useful tips. My next step is to complete my PDP. PDP now requires submission of an initial plan and then a reflection at the end of the year. I find template 3 or online PDP template fitting this model very well. It is a good opportunity at the start of the year to have some directions about what I want to be able to do better and what changes I can make to my practice. I reflect on my area of interest, ponder over potential research ideas, or look for conferences related to my scope of practice. 

I meet most of my section 2 (reviewing performance) hours through attending PRGs. Practice Peer Review is another way which I am considering this year for the outpatient service I work in. This is also a very useful activity for colleagues working in private practice.

 I have been a member in a number of steering committees or root cause analysis groups in hospital, which helped me to complete section 3 (reviewing outcomes) requirements. I consider doing audits or research for this year. 

Section 4 (educational activities) requisites, are met through attending conferences and CME presentations, self guided reading, and teaching activities. RANZCP Learnit modules or various podcasts are other useful resources for this section, plus contributing to additional hours (section 5). 



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