Clinical Competency Portfolio Review - from September 2025

The Education Committee is continuing to update and refine the program of RANZCP training assessments to ensure that the College delivers a robust, evidence based and sustainable program of assessments that fairly assesses the skills and expertise of our trainees.

Looking to the future, the Committee has endorsed the recommendations and carefully considered feedback gathered from numerous stakeholder consultations and is planning the following changes for 2025.

Independently assessed OCAs 

From late 2025, the portfolio review will be extended with the addition of data points provided by independently assessed Observed Clinical Activities (OCAs). 

The Committee reviewed the feasibility and educational merit of externally assessed OCAs and their potential implications for Branches, supervisors and health services.  

The approach endorsed by the Committee entails having a non-principal supervisor, (not a current or former supervisor) assess OCAs in both Stage 2 and Stage 3.  

To align with contemporary assessment methods, these independent OCAs will not carry a pass/fail outcome. However, the OCAs will still require candidates to meet the appropriate standard to be able to progress in the training program.

In addition, the Education Committee has approved the use of the term ‘Independent’ instead of ‘Summative’ OCAs. The OCAs assessed by an external supervisor will now be referred to as ‘Independent OCAs’ (independently assessed OCAs).  

Proposed structure for post-2025

The structure of the future assessment: 

  • Review of three recent In-Training Assessments (ITAs) – two of these must be from Stage 3, comprising a minimum of 9 months FTE.  
  • The latest Stage 2 Independent OCA to be assessed by an external supervisor/independent assessor to the end of Stage 2 standard. 
  • The latest Stage 3 OCA (Observed Clinical Activity) assessed by the internal supervisor to the standard expected at the point in Stage 3. 
  • The latest Stage 3 Independent OCA assessed by an external supervisor/assessor to the end of Stage 3. 

There could be other assessments considered as part of the future assessment design. 

Incorporating the feedback obtained from the consultation process, the Independent Observed Clinical Activity will:  

  • Be conducted by external supervisors/ assessors who are not the candidates’ principal supervisors or a known supervisor of the candidate.  
  • Have no ‘pass/fail’ outcome associated with independent OCAs – the ratings and performance on independent OCAs will be considered alongside candidates’ performance in other assessments in the CCPR to make progression judgements. 
  • Change the terminology to ‘Independent’ Observed Clinical Activity instead of ‘Summative’ Observed Clinical activity (SOCA) 
  • The Independent OCA will be assessed by one independent assessor.  

The College is currently developing the details of the delivery and design of the CCPR, including the process of conducting Independent OCAs, setting up a Progression Competence Panel, establishing Business Rules and the criteria for meeting the standards of CCPR.  

The College has set up an Assessment Portal where you can access background materials and resources. Send your comments and feedback to

The Education Committee endorsed the changes to RANZCP assessments following consultation feedback from:

  • Directors of Training 
  • Committee for Training 
  • Committee for Examinations 
  • Committee for SIMGE
  • Membership Engagement Committee 
  • Members Advisory Council
  • Branches
  • Portfolio Review Oversight Panel 
  • Trainee Advisory Council 
  • Binational Committee for Trainees.


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