Wellbeing during COVID-19

It’s more important than ever that you take time to care for yourself, and support colleagues.
Your work is meaningful and makes a significant contribution to your community. Your own health is a key part of how you do this, and your College is here to help you in the way you need it to. Because we’re all in this together. 

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Seek help from a psychiatrist during COVID-19

Find a psychiatrist who is offering services to frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Download and use The Essentials Network app

TEN – The Essentials Network – is an app developed for health professionals to manage life and work through COVID-19. TEN is an online clinical screening tool that connects you fast to evidence-based tools, resources and specialists. Developed by health professionals for health professionals.

Financial support during COVID-19

Financial support during COVID-19 Australia
Financial support during COVID-19 New Zealand

Member support videos

Videos from RANZCP members covering topics such as dealing with anxiety, trainee welfare and general wellbeing.

COVID-19 and maintaining your wellbeing
Managing anxiety during COVID-19 with Associate Professor Lisa Lampe
View all COVID-19 member support videos

Coronavirus resources for health professionals

Australian, evidence-based information from the Black Dog Institute covering general topics such as anxiety, parenting, finances and exercise as well as more specific topics such as dealing with potential increases in workload. This may also be useful for your staff or supporting others.

Coronavirus resources for health professionals 

Coping strategies and resilience

Real-time Resilience Strategies for Coping with Coronavirus 

Offers information from the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience specific to resilience in the context of COVID-19 and addresses such topics as choosing where to focus your attention, looking at what you’re in control of, and being conscious of what media you consume.

Unmoderated peer support groups

Pandemic Kindness Movement

Respected, evidence-informed resources and links to valuable services to support the wellbeing of the health workforce, curated by clinicians across Australia.


A closed Facebook group that provides a national interdisciplinary peer support network for Australian healthcare workers at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.