Support for trainees and SIMGs

The RANZCP recognises that the path to Fellowship places many stresses on trainees and specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs).

Here you'll find advice specific to trainees and SIMGs experiencing difficulties.

Help with health or personal issues

RANZCP Member Welfare Support LineMWSL-Logo-no-details.png

1800 941 002 (AUS) or 0800 220 728 (NZ)

Confidential advice is available to all members of the RANZCP through the member welfare support line. Call for support on any issue that affects your physical or mental wellbeing.
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Doctors' health advisory service helplines

For any type of health or personal problem, a good place to start is your local doctors’ health advisory service. 

►Visit the DRS4DRS website for local contacts in your state or territory within Australia.
►Call 0800 471 2654 for advice in New Zealand.

Employee assistance programs

All Australian and New Zealand hospitals have an employee assistance program (EAP) that offers free, confidential consultations to employees. Look for the details in your induction pack or staff common area. Otherwise, your hospital’s human resources department can provide them to you.

Help with other issues

See our other pages for help with financial or medicolegal concerns, addiction issues, or concerns about someone else.

Problems with training

If you're experiencing any problems during your training, ask for help early on:

The Training, Exams, and Specialist International Medical Graduate Education teams at the RANZCP can help you with questions about the program and assessments. Your local Branch Training Committee or New Zealand Training Committee are responsible for local oversight of the Fellowship program.

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The Bi-national Committee for Trainees (BCT) and the Overseas Trained Psychiatrists' (OTP) Representative Committee provide formal representation within the College. Contact your local representative to raise an issue with the group.

Workplace safety

If you have concerns about the safety of your workplace, contact the RANZCP Member Welfare Support Line for a confidential discussion.

Safety is a high priority for the College. Employers are responsible for providing a safe workplace, and to receive College accreditation, employers with training posts must ensure employee safety.

Bullying and harassment

If you feel you're being bullied, harassed or mistreated by colleagues or superiors, contact the RANZCP Member Welfare Support Line for a confidential discussion.

RANZCP has a zero tolerance stance on bullying and harassment in training. For more information, refer to the Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment policy, procedure and complaints form:

Support for SIMGs

Various support programs are available to help overseas-trained psychiatrists on a pathway to Fellowship.

Advice from peers

The 'Staying on track' video promotes the mental health and wellbeing of trainees and SIMGs throughout the Fellowship program and provides an insight into what services and supports other people have found useful.

New to the RANZCP?

If you’re a new trainee or SIMG, be sure to look over these resources especially designed to help.

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