Self-help guides, e-learning and online CBT

Resources to support your physical and mental wellbeing, identified by the RANZCP’s Member Wellbeing Subcommittee.

RANZCP self-care e-learning modules

This course comprises three 20-minute modules:

  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Self-care techniques
  • Dealing with barriers and challenges in rural and remote locations.

This course is endorsed for CPD credits when all three modules are completed.

Self-care for psychiatrists e-learning modules [Member log-in required]

Leadership and self-care in psychiatry

Presented by RANZCP Fellow Prof Helen Milroy, the Taking care of yourself as a leader webinar addresses:

  • Developing a self-care program
  • Culture in leadership
  • Reflections on challenges
  • Using supportive structures

This webinar is suitable for RANZCP trainees, early career psychiatrists and Fellows transitioning into, or currently in leadership roles.

Taking care of yourself as a leader [Member log-in required]

Five minute guides from DRS4DRS

Five minute guides by DRS4DRS provide short, practical guides on issues such as:

  • imposter syndrome
  • balancing parenthood and medicine
  • night shifts
  • exercise for doctors.

Trainee and consultant wellbeing materials

Trainee welfare: psychiatrist, heal thyself?
An interview between RANZCP Fellows Andrew Amos and Dr Kym Jenkins for Australasian Psychiatry.

RACP health and wellbeing e-learning module [Create an account to access]
Scenario-based videos and interactive self-assessments covering topics such as stigma, burnout, connecting with colleagues and minimising workplace stress.

►RACP Pomegranate Health podcasts

  • Physician, Heal Thyself discusses why doctors may experience higher rates of depression and anxiety, and common fears around mandatory reporting.
  • Being Human examines how the healthcare system might be shaped to improve physician wellbeing, featuring Dr Hilton Koppe.

Australasian Doctors' Health Network

Resources on self-care for doctors, their families and colleagues.

Online CBT programs

Online CBT programs are evidence-based and can be a convenient option for yourself or others.

Mood Gym is a cognitive behaviour therapy program for preventing and coping with depression (developed by the National Institute for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University).

This Way Up provides online learning programs, education and research in anxiety and depressive disorders (developed by St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney).

myCompass interactive self-help program aims to help people gain control of stress or anxiety (developed by the Black Dog Institute).

Creating a mentally healthy workplace

Heads Up

Resources and advice for health services wishing to develop a strategy for ensuring a mentally healthy work environment.

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