Section of Private Practice Psychiatry

The RANZCP Section of Private Practice Psychiatry (SPPP) aims to identify and address issues concerning psychiatrists working in the private sector through the achievement of the following aims:

  • Promote high quality accessible psychiatric assessment and management in the private sector. 
  • Advocate, advise and consult on issues relevant to private practitioners. 
  • Foster discussion, co-operation and debate among the members of the College and the general public in the spectrum of private psychiatric practice. 
  • Protect and promote the professional development of psychiatrists working in the private sector. 
  • Support the development of research within the private psychiatry sector. 

Fellow working in private practice? Join now

To ensure the work of the SPPP is relevant and continues to meet the needs of our members, we invite you to join the SPPP by emailing


The chair of the Section of Private Practice Psychiatry bi-national committee is Dr Michelle Atchison.

To contact the committee, please email

The Bi-national Section Committee's Regulations outline the purpose and responsibilities of the SPPP Committee.


Current areas of interest for the SPPP

  • “Find a Psychiatrist” Directory.
  • Telehealth initiatives and discontinuation of Telehealth Financial Incentives Program.
  • Psychiatrist-patient privilege
  • Role of Psychiatrist Working Group
  • Expanded Training Settings Working Group
  • Resources for Entering Private Practice.

Private practice resources

Information regarding opening and operating a practice, managing health records and more.

Practice management


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