Section of Early Career Psychiatrists

The RANZCP Section of Early Career Psychiatrists (SECP) was established as a forum to provide bi-directional communication between the RANZCP and Fellows who are in the early stages of their psychiatric careers.

The SECP hopes to offer information and topics of special interest to psychiatrists launching their professional careers. 

Membership of the SECP is automatic and includes all fellows who have been admitted to Fellowship in the last five years.


The SECP aims to identify and address issues concerning Early Career Psychiatrists (ECPs) in an attempt to enhance their experiences and to promote career development. 

The Committee works to fulfil the following aims: 

  1. To help identify and represent the interests of ECPs locally, regionally, and bi-nationally
  2. To contribute to the design of activities and educational endeavours of the RANZCP as they relate to the professional development of ECPs
  3. To facilitate participation of ECPs within the membership and leadership of the RANZCP.


The chair of the SECP bi-national committee for the 2019-2021 term is Dr Alice Chang.

The committee can be contacted through

The Bi-national Section Committee's Regulations outline the purpose and responsibilities of the SECP Committee.


Membership of the SECP is automatic for Fellows who are in their first five years of RANZCP Fellowship.

For further information on membership, please email


In order to encourage and promote research in psychiatry in Australia and New Zealand, the SECP supports the RANZCP Early Career Psychiatrist Award which is presented to an ECP or a Trainee who has contributed the most significant paper published in the past two years.

Further information can be found in the Awards section of the RANZCP website.

Information and resources

World Psychiatric Association Early Career Psychiatrists (WPA ECP)

The RANZCP SECP has a close working relationship with the WPA ECP, an international network of ECP associations. Providing a platform for sharing ideas and promoting training opportunities across the globe, funded fellowships and scholarships for ECPs to promote their work at international conferences are also available.

Becoming a member of the WPA ECP Section opens the door to potentially rich professional relationships where one might visit and get to know another country's mental health service or collaborate in a multicentre research opportunity. Visit the WPA ECP website for details on becoming a member, and to access the WPA ECP Quarterly Newsletter containing ECP contributions from around the world.

For more information, contact Dr Paul Fung, WPA ECP Board Representative for Australia and New Zealand, at

Psychiatric Times

Psychiatric Times is a good site with free membership and information relevant to ECPs.

If you know of any other information, websites or forums that would be relevant to ECPs, please contact and let us know.  

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