Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Network

The Interim Faculty of Adult Psychiatry Committee with approval from the RANZCP Board in February 2020, established the RANZCP ADHD Network (the Network). 

The purpose of the Network is to promote the study, research and advancement of the science and practice of psychiatry in the field of ADHD throughout the lifecycle. 

The activities of the Network are led by a bi-national committee, the RANZCP ADHD Network Committee reporting to the Bi-national Faculty of Adult Psychiatry Committee.

The RANZCP ADHD Network Terms of Reference [PDF; 49KB] outline the purpose, responsibilities, membership and governance of the Network.

Responsibilities of the Network

The responsibilities of the Network are to ensure that:

  • Psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand can gain increased competency to screen for ADHD and can have a basic understanding of the biopsychosocial management options and resources for this disorder. To this end, the Network will seek to work with education subcommittees and training committees of Faculties and Sections within the College to include ADHD competence in their core competencies.
  • RANZCP guidelines for disorders commonly co-morbid with ADHD contain evidence-based or consensus-based advice on management of patients with the stated disorder and comorbid ADHD.
  • All RANZCP Faculties and Sections whose focus areas are commonly co-morbid with ADHD have links with psychiatrists who have expertise in the field of ADHD.
  • Where appropriate, ADHD presentations feature in Congress/Branch/Faculty/Section educational activities.
  • The RANZCP works effectively with relevant external groups in establishing Australian and New Zealand guidelines for ADHD assessment, diagnosis and management.
  • The interests of patients with ADHD and their families can be advocated for by the RANZCP at state and federal Government levels. This may include advocacy to public mental health services, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, educational organisations, the legal profession, and with drug rehabilitation services, including collaboration with ADHD community organisations and support groups.


Membership of the Network is open to all Members of the College. It is not a requirement to be a member of the Faculty of Adult Psychiatry. There are no fees to join the Network.

Join the Network via MyRANZCP [Member log in required]

Membership is not available to non-College members.



ADHD Network Committee

The activities of the Network will be led by a bi-national committee, the RANZCP ADHD Network Committee (the Network Committee) reporting to the Bi-national Faculty of Adult Psychiatry Committee.

The current Chair of the Network Committee is Dr Peter Heffernan.

The Network Committee can be contacted via